15 Most Favorite Characters in Free Online Games


15 most favorite characters in free online games

When children play games, they are not only attracted towards the game-play or the graphics, but it also depends upon the characters of the game. Online games are not needed to be downloaded and can be played directly on the browser. It is essential that there are interesting characters in those games to make the game more attractive. There are many online games which are famous only because of some particular character.

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Let us know about the top 15 favorite characters of free online games.

  1. Princess Peach Dress Up
    As you can know from the name itself that the game is all about dressing up a girl named Peach. It is a dress up game for girls who are interested in trying new combinations and variations with clothes.
    Peach is a princess who is bored with pink color and wants to try something new. Help her with new combinations from the collection to make her look like a princess.
  2. Tomb Raider
    The online version of Tomb Raider is a classic adventure game. You have to solve tricky puzzles, explore the deep caves and kill the beasts that come in your way. There are four different weapons from pistols to sub-machinegun to choose from.
    Lara Croft:
    Lara Croft
    Lara Croft is the main character of Tomb Raider, and the whole game revolves around her. Lara is a fearless character who is ready to explore the deep caves and fight monsters.
  3. Pacman Classic
    Pacman is a very old but still a fun time pass game to play. You have to defeat the enemies and eat everything. The controls are straightforward.
    Pacman Classic
    The main character of the game is Pacman. Pacman is a quick player who wishes to eat all the fruits and dots to win the game.
  4. Ariana Grande’s Sneaker Designer
    You are the designer of the sneakers for Ariana Grande herself. Make her the best sneakers with different colors and give her a fantastic look.

    Ariana Grande:
    Ariana Grande
    Ariana is the main character who is inspired by Hollywood celeb Ariana Grande. She looks fabulous when you dress her up with rainbow sneakers and perfect outfit.
  5. Adam and Eve 4
    Eve is the love of Adam. Adam is on a journey to find her true love. It is a fun adventure game and based on the theme of a love story of Adam and Eve, but it is all full of adventures.

    The main character is Adam who travels the world to find Eve. He solves all the puzzles and fights with all the enemies that cross his path. He travels through all types of lands to find his true love Eve.
  6. Nelly 2 – Ep 1
    This is a point and click game about the life of a girl named Nelly. It is a wonderful adventure game in the fairy forest. It takes you to a mysterious world on a strange journey.

    NellyNelly loves to visit
    fairy forest, and she needs your help in exploring the mysterious world. She wants to take you also on this mysterious journey.
  7. Obama and the Ghost of Micheal
    It is Christmas time, but the biggest crisis is that Santa is kidnapped by the villain Scrunch. The hiding place of Scrunch is known as ‘Neverworld.’
    The main character Obama has to defeat Scrunch in his world which is full of fantasy and mystery and rescue the Santa so that Christmas Eve could be celebrated.
  8. Sofia the First: A Spell for Mr. Cedric
    Cedric has to make a spell to make magic fireworks. Help him find the ingredients to make the magic spell.
    The main character Sofia has to search for the ingredients to make a spell. Help Sofia to find the ingredients in the castle of Enchancia first.
  9. Santa Claus Saw Game
    It’s the time of Christmas, and Santa has been kidnapped. The villain of the game which is Saw has captured Santa.

    Santa has to rescue himself by solving the puzzles. There are clues which Santa has to solve and escape from the prison of Saw.

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  10. Bow Master Stickman Hero
    This game tests the amount of accuracy you have with bow and arrow to cut the ropes on which your friends are hanging. There are 64 levels in total to conquer.
    The main character has to use his skills with bow and arrow to save his friends. Stickman has to aim at crazy angels in the sky.
  11. Socrates Jones Game
    This game is based on verbal communications and arguments. It is a story mode game with clicks to proceed.
    Socrates Jones:

    This is the main character of the game, and he is lost in the nature of morality. He has to earn his life by winning the arguments and talking with people.
  12. Gretel and Hansel 2
    It is an adventure game where the characters are lost in a different world, and they have to find their way home.
    Gretel and Hansel:

    They are the main characters who are on a journey in deep into the woods to find their way to home.

  1. Avengers – Global Chaos
    Evil is increasing in the world, and Thanos is trying to take over the whole world. Ultron is also gaining
    the strength.

    There are four main characters of the Avengers team who have to defeat Thanos and Ultron to protect the world.
  2. Kungfu Panda 3
    You have to run through different levels and teach your pupils to protect the panda village. Collect dim sum for points and chi life force for extra lives.


    Po is the main character, and he has to save the panda village by teaching the pupils and kicking the enemies.
  3. Dragon Ball RPG
    This is an epic action game which is based on the Dragon Ball Z TV series. You have to run and jump in this game to defeat the enemies.

    Goku is the main character who has to collect all the coins and destroy the enemies.

These are the top 15 characters that are famous in free online games. These games are worth trying because the characters are amazing.

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