4 Best Tyre Brands to Buy From

4 Best Tyre Brands to Buy From

Before you decide to buy a car tyre for your vehicle, it is imperative that you research the many brands that are available. While there are literally hundreds of brands you could choose from, there are just a few that are pretty well-known for the performance and quality.

The car tyres we’re reviewing are based on durability, stopping ability, wet weather handling, affordability, dry weather handling, noise, and overall customer satisfaction. So, if you’re looking for the best car tyre brands for your vehicle that you can truly count on, this is what you’ll need to read.

Because this will be a somewhat detailed discussion, let’s not waste any time and dive in straight.


One of the most top-rated brands as far as car tyres are concerned is Michelin. The brand is available internationally and though they come with a hefty price tag, most car owners prefer buying the brand. These tyres provide an excellent dry grip that will make handling a piece of cake whether you have a small, medium-sized car, or a four-wheeler. This is also one of the most favourite brands for racers because they claim that it has an excellent dry grip too which makes them remarkably efficient.


Another brand that you must have is Bridgestone. Bridgestone doesn’t just own the Firestone brand but a lot of other economy brands as well which aren’t as popular as its producer. One of the best things about these tyres is that they provide spectacular dry grip and are available both nationally and internationally. You can also buy this brand online from a number of well-known retailors. Bridgestone is the favourite tyre brand for those who’re into motorsports because it offers great wet grip and can be relied upon. According to extreme racers, it sticks to the wet ground even when the sports car reaches above 150mph.


Continental is a German brand that has an excellent reputation across Europe and other regions as well. While they are one of the top brands and do offer expensive tyres, they aren’t as exclusive as the others. Much like the other car tyre brands, Continental also provides an excellent dry and wet grip and is pretty well-known. It also reduces overall wear and tear on-road and will last longer than others. The brand’s ContiForceContact tyres are sometimes even said to surpass the performance and efficiency of Michelin, even though they’re a lot less expensive.


Finally, Goodyear is another brand that you must have heard about when speaking about tyres. Though these tyres are even more expensive than Michelin and Bridgestone, their performance has a lot to say about it. A part of the reason why this is the case is because they own the well-known brand of Dunlop and other mid-range brands. Goodyear is recommended by touring drivers because they provide good wet and dry balance.

So there you go, even though there are lots of other tyre brands that are available, these four are the ones which are the most reliable as far as performance and efficiency is concerned.

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