5 Trendy Dresses to wear in 2019

5 Trendy Dresses to wear in 2019

Every year with the change of calendar, there is a change in the trends. The most rapid change happens is in the fashion industry. We have seen a fast change in apparel, going from Eastern style to Western style in Eastern countries e.g. India and Pakistan. Despite of many cultural differences the fashion culture is being submerged with eastern and western fashion. We have compiled a list of top 5 dresses to wear in 2019 so you can stay in race with the fashion trends.

Cold Shoulder Dress

Should shoulder dresses are generally long and cover everything else, leaving the shoulders naked. These kinds of dresses are famous among celebrities and you will see them wearing cold shoulder dresses off the screen. Celebrities choose these dresses to wear on big parties and red carpets. Along with the big stars, general population has accepted it as a party wear dress.

Pencil Dresses

Pencil dresses are actually skirts which have been modified with straight and narrow cut. These dresses are mostly slim-fits which is perfect for the tall heighten girls. The reason they are called pencil dresses is because they are straight as pencil is and narrow from the top, just like a pencil. You can wear these dresses as a formal dress at office. If you are having a girl’s night out you can wear pencil dresses with a bit of accessories with it. Where pencil dresses are for long heighten girls, short heighten girls are recommended to wear short frocks.

Choker Dress

As weird as thing name sounds this dress gives an extra sexy vibe to your dress. A choker dress basically has nothing to do with the dress style. The variation of design is around the neck. Yes, that’s true. The neck. Choker style wraps a piece of clothes around your neck as someone is choking you with it. This style is more like a feminine style but also represents the boldness. These are perfect dress for a night out and party wear.

Gingham Dress

Gingham dresses are stripped dresses with checkered shirt. Gingham was originally started as “dyed in yarn” fabric which is now accepted as all dresses with strips on its shirt. They come in different styles as some are distinguished as lined and unlined designs. The most trendy gingham dresses in 2019 are the ones with a little tie in front or with a combination of button strips. Gingham shirts come as a full length dress and just as a top too. You can choose your style according to your event. If you are wearing a jean with gingham style shirt, go for the top. Otherwise, knee length gingham would be perfect. There is no rule of occasion for gingham design because you can combine it with different styles according to the occasion.

Polka Dot Dress

You thought polka dots are too outdated? They are still trending in 2019. Polka dot dresses are with printed round circles pattern on the fabric. There are different kinds of polka dots but the trendiest ones are with big black dots on white fabric. You can try it out for different occasion but we recommend it to wear on a sunny day when you are having a beach side party.

The top 5 dresses to wear in 2019 are according to different styles, patterns and fabric combination. There is no single type which is trending in 2019. We have chosen from the best of what expert designers choose to recommend for their high paying clients. You can easily find these dresses in stores near you or from your favorite fashion designer. If you are looking for an easy-on-pocket online solution meri shop might be a solution for you.

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