7 Link Building Strategies for SEO 2019

7 Link Building Strategies for SEO 2019

What are Backlinks?

While referring to a backlink, we mean a reference from another webpage to one’s own web page. A back link is also known as the inbound link (IBL) sometimes. These are important links that help in determining the need and importance of your web site for the search engines like Google.

Have you ever thought of why are links built in SEO? Let’s find out.

Link Building is one of the major aspects of Search Engine Optimization.

Link building is the systematic procedure of getting links to your site. In most cases, the webmasters, feel that by writing articles, best in terms of quality will contribute in getting links. But, it is not 100% true. Until and unless you particularly work on getting links, it will become harder for you. Way back around 5 years back, link building was not that difficult. One could easily automate tools in order to submit the articles to the websites in order to receive the backlinks.

Why is Link Building important?

Link building is considered to be an important part of Search Engine Optimization because of the following reasons:

  1. You get higher visibility of your blog in the search results.
  2. With the high-quality links coming to your website, it is clear that your website will be admired as a valuable resource.
  3. Helps in driving traffic from other related websites.
  4. Link building helps in getting indexed in search results.

Link building is a very important part of SEO that will help in improving the Search Engine Ranking if your website.

Following are Link Building Strategies for 2019

  1. Cultivate Natural Citations with Solution Pages

One of the most relevant link building strategies is to find out the problems that need to be solved. And after that creating content that helps in solving those problems. this is considered to be the heart of the link building strategy. Yes, it is difficult to build links to the product pages, this is the reason why building links to solution pages are considered to be a more feasible strategy.

  1. Build Relationships with People and not with Sites

An algorithm from the 1990 search mentioned that it is good to link to the competitors. Search Engines change and so should SEO. Giving the advantage to a competitor doesn’t make sense.

But, building strong relationships with the people behind related sites makes a good sense. Cultivating friends and other people is a conquering strategy. Try to associate with people in the same field. contact with the ones who are important in your niche. Significantly, it is necessary to listen. By listening to others, you are able to cultivate strong relationships.

  1. Don’t be a Virus- Be Useful

There are many viral link strategies that mainly focus on unimportant reaction based triggers. This further results in links from a wide range of unrelated and inappropriate that are not that useful than the relevant links and shares created by getting people excited about something useful. Creating links is not about the number of links. It is about creating high rankings and sales.

  1. Discover the backlink competitors

Another thing that you need to beat the competition is by understanding who you are competing with. This can be easily done by Backlink Analytical Tools. The competition report within this section will show you a list of competitive domains that have similar backlink profile to your own website. Besides, the total number of referring domains, you will also be able to see the domains that link back both to your and to your competitors’ website.

  1. Analyze the main competitors in detail

Now, that you are aware of the websites that must be taken into account, you must start gathering deeper insights into their link building tactics. The backlink analytics section helps in providing you with complete information of the over the size of the backlink profile of the competitors, their key link partnerships, most recently built links, a scattering of following and no follow links and much more.

  1. Explore fresh backlink opportunities

Actionable On-Page optimization can be done in order to maximize your SEO efforts. Once all the necessary settings have been set, a number of suggestions for your strategy can be viewed, that include the link building ideas based on the backlinks of the top challengers.

  1. Maintain your backlink profile in good shape

Only spotting new link building approaches will not be enough, it is necessary to protect your website form the penalties and sanctions. In the Audit Report of the tool, you are able to view all your backlinks fragmented into three lists; For Review, Whitelist and All Links.

These are some of the strong Link Building Strategies that will surely help you in 2019. These link building tactics will help the marketers to drive potential website traffic.

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