A Lot to Keep in Mind While Applying for Loans without Guarantor

Loans Without Guarantor

This happened six months back, there were two best friends named Katharine (clever) and Amelia (emotional fool). Both started their journey of friendship through a teaching institute, there they spend lots of time together and both were like an open book to each other. Later, Katharine left the institute due to her marriage coming next month. Amelia was familiar towards Katherine’s financial status because she was the only bread earner of the house. On the other hand, Amelia and her mother were the only sources of income in order to drive the caravan of their livelihood.

The situations of both the girls were about to dealing with financial issues but in a different manner. Katharine knew that Amelia would not step back at the time of a friend in need. She decided to ask for a favour, so she put her mother as a mediator to ask for the help of £15000 and Amelia could not refuse her mother’s appeal. Amelia without considering her mother’s consent immediately gave the money to her friend (through a credit card). There Amelia made a huge mistake, which she was unaware of. The amount was due to pay and card was getting heated up due to late fees. It is important to keep record of every transaction made via credit card. If you required borrowing the amount in future, whether from a bank or lender’s source, your credit history will come to notice.

Therefore, the current scenario of the story is Amelia was in debt of £20000 because Katherine never stood up on her promise to return the amount. Later, Katharine opted for loans without guarantor, which helped her not only to cover the due but also improved her credit score.

Make a plan!

The best way to deal with the crises of unaware situation is to make a plan on how to deal with your expenses in order to cross the thin bridge perfectly. 

  • Connect with a responsible direct lender and opt for a beneficial loan. Yes, a loan will definitely save you if you promise to manage your finances.
  • Set your monthly budget according to the loan duration so that you can maintain balance between your daily expenses and instalment money.
  • Make sure you set your loan according to your feasibility by setting your own time of repayment method.

Have transparent understanding!

It is significant to understand the concept of a loan before getting an approval on it. No guarantor loan simply means that you do not have to bring a guarantor for your approval at the time selecting this loan as your option. In addition, having information on short-term solutions also might help you to deal with your situation in a decent manner.

Why ‘no guarantor’ is popular the most in lending market?

  • People of UK are dealing with bad credit records more frequently and they wanted to apply for loans for the long term as well as short-term periods.
  • Banks usually do not entertain people with bad credit reports and if they do, they charge high interest rates.
  • A borrower can avail the facility of no guarantor to apply for payday loans, unsecured loans and instalment loans.

What is the eligibility criterion on low credit score?

Every direct lender deals with same criterion but varies in one or two aspects. If you choose a lender, who has maintained their record with good reviews, then you might get leisure on your approval.

As a responsible lender, if borrower is dealing with bad credit score, then he will check his or her income proof, residential history, employment status or your savings and earnings from any other sources.


It is important to make mistakes because only by making mistakes you can realise the importance of what you have and how you have to keep it safe with you. At the time of any late payments and exhausted credit cards, you may always take help of loans without a guarantor. Therefore, the lender’s flexible policies may solve the major financial issue.

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