Avoid These FB Page Error If You’re Running Real Estate Agency

Avoid These FB Page Error If You’re Running Real Estate Agency

Nowadays, the majority of the people who love to spend their time online are inserted in some social network, the majority in Facebook. So, having a page from your real estate agency on this platform is almost as important as having a website of your own. As this is an important topic for companies, the Atlanta Investment Property team has prepared this article so that your real estate agency has some care on Facebook.

Opt for a page instead of a profile:

Several real estate agencies choose to create a personal profile instead of creating a page and this is the main mistake made in this social network. A Facebook profile is something more personal while a page is more professional, targeted to business or businesses. It has some of its own features, such as “Contact Now”, “Buy Now” or “Visit our website” quick access buttons. For the real live example just type San Antonio properties in FB search bar & check the first page that you see. Your real estate agency can take advantage of these features and thus allow the public better accessibility to your contacts.

Schedule publications

If you want the page of your real estate agency to have more visits, you should make several publications daily, but without being exaggerated, otherwise you will not tire your audience with too much information. To make this work easier and save time in front of your computer, weekly planning and scheduling of publications will help you a lot. The “posts” will be published automatically on the day and time you indicate without having to be on the computer whenever you want to make a publication. These publications should contain interesting content that captivates your customers – do not just advertise promotions, bet on varied information.

Worry about appearance

Having good images and mirroring your agency is very important since there are more and more people visiting this type of pages. Bet on a flashy cover photo and use only your real estate agency logo as a profile photo. Have something simple but beautiful and effective to communicate to your company.

Respond to stakeholders

In addition to being a social network, Facebook is a communication channel and your real estate agency will have several comments in publications and will receive several private messages from potential clients. Do not leave them unanswered, if possible respond on the day you receive messages or comments. Always be attentive, have a good response time and be dynamic!

Always update your page

The page of your real estate agency’s Facebook must be always updated, many agencies miss for not updating it daily. If you want to have more interactions you must publish varied articles daily, for which your customers are interested. Always remember the rule 70-20-10, that is, 70% of the contents should be general information about the business area (such as news, curiosities, etc.), 20% own content of your agency (real estate, for example) and 10% of published content should be some call-to-action for your potential customer. A page needs to be up to date, but do it well!

Nowadays social networks have more and more users and being present in them is quite important and can bring you quite good results. Creating a Facebook page, scheduling publications, having a nice appearance, responding to your interest and keeping your page up-to-date are some tips can take your real estate agency to get better results. Differentiate yourself in the online world and you will see that the results begin to be visible!

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