Here is All You Need to Know About Apple AirPods 2

Here is All You Need to Know About Apple AirPods 2

Are you an Apple fan and always waiting for its latest technology’s release date in market? Have you been waiting for Apple’s Airpods for a while? Well, the new and enhanced piece of technology, AirPods 2 have been launched finally offering a number of new features including greater talk time, faster connection time, hands-free Siri feature, wireless charging and much more. For all those who want to book their orders, they can simply contact Apple store application, Apple website and physical stores.

Since it took quite a few months for Apple lovers to wait and listen to the rumors of AirPods 2 release date, their wait is over now as the product is released and considered to be a powerhouse. The brand new ear buds not only offers enhanced battery life, there not a major difference in its price unless you order wireless chargeable case for your AirPods 2.

Are you a working student and do most of your work on the time on-the-move? Do you not get enough time to submit your assignments on due date? Whether you approach professional British writers and wants to remain in contact with them to discuss every detail regarding your project or you want to perform an efficient research through wireless Siri app, AirPods will be an excellent choice to make your work easier. Not only this you will be able to make efficient use of this most anticipated Apple device.

Design & Features

Here are some of features and design of the new AirPods 2 in detail.

· Improved Talk-Time

Since the talk time on the new second generation AirPods 2 is double to that of the first-generation version, users can now use up to 3hrs of talk-time in one go. So, all those who were desperately waiting for this new upgradation, make the most of out of increased talk time and have a wonderful experience.

·  Wireless Charging Option

There are two versions of the new AirPods, one is a regular simple charging case and the other comes with wireless charging options. This new and interesting wireless charging case lights up with LED once being plugged in for charging. Since it has been promised since September 2017 when AirPower charging mat was released first, there is nothing much to surprise.

·  “Hey Siri” hands-free option

If you want to invoke the Siri usage, you don’t have to touch your ear buds since the AirPods 2 provide hands-free Siri options. Whether you want to change the track, adjust the volume levels, or ask for any direction, relax and make your hands free from any work. Use the amazing hands-free option of “Hey Siri” and enjoy the ear buds even with your hands inside the pocket.

· Faster Connect times

In addition to providing greater connectivity, the new Apple AirPods 2 promises to provide faster connect times. The rate at which switching between devices is done has been doubled now with the introduction of this new Apple invention. The research study conducted by Apple has proven that the call transfer time between your iPhone and Airpods 2 will be 1.5 times quicker than it is actually happening right now.

Hence, with faster connect time and increased talk time, it is not only offering enhance user experience, more and more people are attracting towards this device resulting in increased customer base.

· Free engraving on charging case

Have you heard about engraving on charging cases that Apple offers on its product for free? Well, although it has been there for previous products, it is a  new one for this most waited device. Providing the engraving options for both regular case and wireless charging case, Apple offers these online facilities for its customer for free. So, in case you want to get the engraving done for free, make sure you buy from Apple stores as it doesn’t provide this facility for wirless charging case if you buy it on your own.

Availability of Apple AirPods 2

The new and most awaited Apple AirPods 2 are now available on Apple website and Apple store app, but if you want to get from physical Apple stores, they will be available there in a week. So get your favorite gadget from nearest store or online and enjoy its amazing experience from now.

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