Interesting Museums to See in Metro Manila

Interesting museums in Metro Manila

Do you love art? Planning to go to Philippines? Well, this article might be good for you. Lots of tourists fly to Philippines to see its natural wonders and one of its international airports is located in Manila. If you find yourself stuck for a day in Manila to wait for your next flight to the natural wonders of the country, you might be interested in seeing the interesting museums around the city.

Checking out these lovely and interesting museums is a good way to spend time during while waiting, especially if you’re not the type that wants to go shopping or bar-hopping. The place is full of museums that will cost you not that much money and can give you more of what you paid for.

Here are the lists of interesting museums you can find in the city.

The National Museum of the Philippines

The place is located in the heart of the capital and is very accessible if you’re coming from the international airport. This museum is home to the heart and culture of the Filipino people. With a wide range of artifacts and arts on display, your mind will surely be amazed with the place. The displays featured inside include numerous collections from Fine Arts, Archaeology, Ethnography and the countries National History.

The Mind Museum

This museum specifically caters to display collection pertaining to science. Situated in one of the busiest and most accessible cities in the Metro, this mind museum is a sure hit for kids and the people who seek knowledge with regards to life, universe, technology, and Earth. The museum has interactive stations that visitors can play while learning.

Museong Pambata

This museum especially caters to kids. If you’re traveling with your kids, this is a good place to spend your time while waiting. The museum name when translated in English means “Museum for Kids”. The museum’s concept is aimed at children to encourage them explore and develop their minds. It is an interactive museum that will let kids play around and learn various things. They also have workshops and events that cater to kids as well.

Money Museum

If you’re a currency collector and love everything about money, you can then try visiting this museum which is located inside the Central Bank of the Philippines. The museum displays a wide variety of currency collection that was used during the establishment of the country to date. It includes medals, artifacts, paper notes, coins, and other monetary items that has been part of the Philippine monetary system.

Dessert Museum

If you’re into sweets and art, then this museum is for you. The place is located very near the airport and is inside one of the iconic hotels in the Metro. The concept behind the Dessert Museum is that it portrays sweets and candies that we love as a kid and portrayed in a very artistic way. Those with sweet tooth and families traveling with kids will definitely enjoy the treat that the museum has to offer.

Metropolitan Museum of Manila

The museum exhibits permanent and temporary collections of modern and contemporary Philippines. It displays art of different era that show how rich the country is before. It includes artifacts of gold and pottery art pieces. The Filipinos of the past loves to make international trade with the nearby countries and inside the museum all of this has been showcased.

There are a lot more museums to see in Metro Manila aside from the mentioned above that you can also venture depending on your taste and genre. One thing is for sure when you visit these interesting museums, you will come out rich with knowledge of the Philippine culture. Make sure to visit the places mentioned.

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