Social Media Mistake Not to be Made when Searching for a New Job

Social Media Mistake Not to be Made when Searching for a New Job

Social media is an essential part of our lives these days. Whenever we go out you can see someone is either taking picture to be shared on instagram or facebook or sharing a story to upload on snap. It seems as if whatever you do it is to be shared publically. But it is advisable not to share some of your personal information publically when searching for job. As all are active on social media so are the recruiters. Many companies these days are hiring their candidates on the basis of their presence on social media. Social media can be very valuable tool in your job search. To ensure that you get right job for you here are few social media mistakes that you can avoid:

1. Inappropriate photographs

Any picture showing illegal activity should not be posted. Suppose it if you are not illegible for drinking and you post a picture of drinking alcohol or taking drugs on social media , then it can go against you. Many employers these days reject those candidates also who have too much party content. It is also not advisable if you don’t post any content on social media. Best is to make your party pictures Private. Make sure you present best of yourself on social website.

2. Badmouthing about your current job

Don’t write or comment anything bad about your current employer or about your job. If recruiters reads any of your post complaining about current job , employer or co –worker then just forget about the job. Always keep your complaints to yourself or to your friends. It could project as bad attitude or being uncommitted.

3. Discrimination about race, gender or religion

Don’t write anything against any group of people or against any community. Never comment about any race, gender or religion on social media. Keep your view point limited to yourself .

4. False qualification

Lie about your qualification or your work experience can land you in big trouble. Make sure your experiences and qualification is up to the mark on social sites.

5. Do not avoid Social media

Avoiding social media thinking it is too dangerous is not the solution. If you don’t share anything , or comment nothing that all can also go against you. Many companies these days screen the candidates on the basis of their social presence also. If you are looking for a new job or new opportunity social media can help you a lot. You must be clear about the content you are using.

6. Leaving your profile open

If you are doing a job hunt it is time to make your public profile private. Make sure that your profile is seen only by the close friend and relatives. If your profile is left open for all then it could easily be assessed by the employer to dig the information about you which could at times be not good for you.

7. Logging during the hours of work

Today’s world is a world of digital media. If you are looking for a new job make sure that you’re not posting at the hours of work because this could raise the question about your productivity and about your focus in work. you can keep weekends or later hours for your social media.


We live in the world of internet. It is not necessary to make your first impression by hand shake only. Your first impression can easily be marked by the click of a mouse. So a balance in social media is required. You don’t need to get scared of social media thinking it to be dangerous and at the same time it is not required to show your view point publically to all. Now a days along with resume and documents one more thing is required for the job hunt and that is to clean your social media accounts. So while looking for a job keep above mentioned points in mind .

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