Step-By-Step Guide to Using Live Instagram for the Business

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Live Instagram for the Business

How to use Instagram live in a social media marketing strategy

While Instagram Stories have literally exploded in recent months, live Instagram’s are struggling to take off, especially when it comes to companies.

Of course, the idea of ​​going live on Instagram can be scary, because while when you upload a video on IGTV or in the Stories there is the possibility to do more tests, in the live is “good first” as they say. But this channel cannot and should not be underestimated because it is very important to generate engagement and also to acquire new followers.

Why use Instagram live for business

As well as for the well-known Stories, there are many good reasons to use direct for companies. Not only is it a great channel to create a relationship of trust with your followers, but it is also a way to help you improve your visibility. For example, if you are able to generate engagement and viewers, you may end up in the Explore section, which means you will have the opportunity to make yourself much more visible to those who do not yet know you.

This is why the Instagram live offers a lot of opportunities: for example, if you will be able to make a good teasing on your direct, creating a sense of urgency (e.g. by offering promotions only to those who follow you), you can generate an unparalleled engagement.

Another advantage of Instagram live is their flexibility: you can range from Q & A to workshops, from sales-oriented product launches to information content. There are no limits other than imagination, whether you want to promote lighter content, or whether you want to create a campaign to promote services and / or products.

How to use Instagram live

Creating a direct Instagram is very simple, but before starting there are some things you should know.

For example, you can hide your live videos to specific users as is already done in the Stories, using the same command in “Settings” – “Story options” – “Hide story to …” Moreover, to avoid unpleasant inconveniences due to unpleasant comments, you can activate a preventive moderation of the same, blocking those that contain inappropriate words.

Now that you have acquired two important information, you can proceed with the creation of your first live. Here’s how to do it in a few simple steps:

  • touch the camera icon located at the top left of the home of your Instagram feed;
  • select the “Live” option and then tap ” Start a live video “;
  • at the top of the screen the number of spectators will appear, while the comments will appear below ;
  • when you have finished your live you will have to tap on the right to end the video and click on ” End video ” to confirm;
  • Once you have finished all you can save your live in the roll with the “Download” button.

Very simple, do not you find?

Strategies for using live Instagram for the business

If you aim to reach a large number of people to increase sales or increase subscriptions to a newsletter, it is really important to set a strategy. The Instagram live are very creative, but despite this they require objectives and a very specific plan. Here are some suggestions to start with.

Get ready for direct

This is more a suggestion than a strategy, but it is still an important suggestion. If you want to make sparks during your live, you’ll have to prepare well and in advance, even more if you’ve never done live on social networks.

Do as if you were preparing a business presentation: write a track, a storyboard, and some discussion points and write down some questions and answers that might occur. Then study and repeat, record in order to listen again, review and understand where to improve.

Promote your live in advance

Your goal, with Instagram Live, should be to reach as many users as possible and, as we said before, the best way to reach a large audience would be to enter the Explore section.

Similar to the algorithm for traditional posts, if you will be able to get many viewers and as much engagement, your live could be reported to Instagram as high quality, so potentially interesting for other users. This is why it is important to start promoting your live broadcast in advance so that you can find a large number of viewers interested in what you have to say.

You can tease both through traditional posts in feeds, and through the Stories. If you also have the opportunity to invest even a minimum budget in ADV is even better, so as to reach an even wider audience.

Launch of new products

A trend of recent months is to use the direct channel to create curiosity around new products or services or to launch. Why not? After all, Instagram is the perfect place to promote brands and brands.

This technique is successful for several reasons: one is certainly the sense of urgency that the user has towards direct. Just because users do not know when the video will end, they will feel the need not to miss it.

Lead generation

Related to the launch of new products, you can use this strategy to collect qualified leads. In your live Instagram do not reveal everything that the user should know about the product / service you are launching, only reveals a few details. After the live teaser, ask your viewers to register for more information on your website. This approach will guide them in a sense of exclusivity that will encourage them to act immediately, increasing your number of hot leads.

Alternatively, always with the purpose of collecting contacts, you can ask your users to fill out a form on your website stating the questions they would like answers during live Instagram. Obviously, this operation must be done a few days before the transposition.

Promotions and flash sales

If Instagram Stories are considered ephemeral content, Instagram live is even more so. Use this concept to your advantage to create a sense of urgency related to the follow of your live.

One of the best ways to generate audience and engagement is to offer a particular promotion limited to a specific time frame. Free Codes, Discounts and Promos: create posts and Stories a few days before, in which to announce that there will be some surprises during the live (specifying obviously what your promotion consists of). During your live you will not have to do is share the coupon or discount code with your viewers.

Have you already started using Instagram direct for your business?

If the answer is no, this is the right time. There are still few brands that have understood the potential of this function, so there are still several opportunities before reaching saturation.

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