The Bizarre Of Human Relation With Plastic

The human relationship with plastic product is bizarre. We have it majorly every phase of our lives in 21st century from the meager objects such as water bottle to heavy air crafts and as a matter of fact absence of plastic could have a greater impact on our lives.

Nonetheless today, plastic has been recognized as an evil force towards natural environment for the disaster caused by the plastic waste. From streets, lakes, riverbanks beaches and even in the hearts of oceans. The plastic is to prevail the marine animal presence in decades ahead as per the scientific estimation. Being a little wiser the plastic should not be expected to float the surface, it is greatly consumed by the fishes and other marine animals wreaking havoc on the lives of humans consuming sea food for health

How the plastic industry can help make filth into gold?

Plastic with its most dangerous traits that is the durability and longer life expectancy is being argued to be banned by a number of environmental activities. While the hazardous traits of plastic also qualifies it being the greater asset, since a material that cannot be decayed or even soiled for five centuries carries value isn’t it? It can be recycled timelessly showing higher efficacies. Though evil is not the plastic but the pain is irresponsible use

The substance that can be recycled endlessly can have a huge contribution to ecology and the economy as well, particularly when the population is rapidly multiplying and the lifestyle requirement have been raised aggressively but still the key is not to restrict the use of plastic, yet to make every other individual acknowledged of the responsible behavior and up-to-date recycling.

Though, plastic recycling is a highly complex matter since there are several different quality standards and every standard holds a different recycling process, in fact many of the plastic categories cannot be even recyclable, in the economically feasible manner.

Who should be responsible?

The whole process from collection to sorting out these diverse classes holds many barriers, involving the technical capabilities and social responsiveness in regards to dumping

A masterplan to translate the dirt in to gold is the real need. With extensive legal and strategic framework we can restructure and economize the basics of plastic trade for plastic buyers and plastic recycling throughout the industry

It is the responsibility of plastic industry all across the world to spread social awareness regarding the responsible usage and dumping. If we will lead our human assets to the values of plastic in a few years we will live on a planet free from pollution.

Since the strict implementation of law is the chief contributor to better world. If the lead powers of the globe such as China, US and EU translate the restriction at a strategic level it will be quite easy to penetrate through the world.

Points to ponder

We being humans must understand, agreeing on our current impression, reducing, reusing and recycling is the key. Nowadays ecological concerns have just become obligations and we don’t even realize that our lives are highly dependent over it. Since our bodies are the part of this earth and nurturing the planet is not different than making an effort to create better lives for ourselves.

The life we live is connected, how can we have a good life when the source is not nurtured?

The race of developing economies have taken us so far from the reality and it’s a high time that one must realize the fantasies and dreams we see of a good life are fading. Coming back to reality we in first place need to act mature and maturity starts from me from you from business industry and the state.

Our ideas about development and the economy have removed us from this reality. It is time we realize that the fanciful notions we have about life and the world no longer work. We have to do something more mature. This maturity must come from business, industry and government.

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