The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT)

What is IoT?

These are the interrelated physical devices which are connected through a network which can collect or transfer data without man-man or man-computer interaction. It can be an automobile with inbuilt sensors or a person with a heart monitor implant.

The IoT adds a level of digital intelligence to devices and things that would be otherwise inconsistent, allowing them to communicate without a human being involved, and thereby merging the physical and digital worlds.

An air conditioner that can be turned on or off using a mobile phone app is a simple example of IoT. Anything which is not expected to function through an internet connection and is made to function with the same is more likely to be called an IoT device.

How can it simplify the learning process?

E-learning is an emerging type of education but IoT is on a different level altogether. Some universities like Norwich University have the Medical Internet of Things (IoMT). Students can study traditionally or through Norwich University online educational programs and get the access to new and updated technology. There are a lot of shortcomings with the traditional education setup like the fixed timings of school, manual grading system and more. We all have our own timings when we wish to study. IoT makes that happen. IoT is useful in many ways and some of them are listed below.

  • Students can learn in a more elaborate manner, creating a personal learning environment. This allows students to study as per their convenience and also to conduct an in-depth study of any topic.
  • Students can get virtual assistants who can help them with their studies no matter where they are or what time is it.
  • The teachers can provide quality content to their students and easily track their attendance and performance.
  • Using special digital pens and digital boards, a teacher can write something on board with a pen, and it will be displayed on the student’s board, no matter how far a student is.
  • Specialized bands can help in sending a message to the teacher whether the students have attended the class and that can help teachers with attendance-monitoring.
  • Instead of other outside classroom works, teachers can truly concentrate on the actual, personal teaching that the students require the most.

If you are interested in IoT and wish to study and gain knowledge in the field, there are various colleges providing online courses in IoT. Through online studies, you can work and study as per your convenience. You can search on the internet for the online Certificate Programs in IoT or the best online degrees in IoT.

How is it helpful in Business and other industries?

The impact of IoT is very significant in the Business world and will continue to be. It is expected to be a core driver of business productivity and growth. When used effectively, IoT can be of benefit to businesses across industries to increase efficiency, improve processes and customer services. Some of the key benefits are given below.

  • With the help of automatically controlled options, you can easily manage inventory and focus on other important and demanding tasks.
  • With IoT devices, productivity and efficiency can be increased. Various IoT software and appliances can help the workers finish large-scale tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • This technology also promotes remote-work wherein people don’t have to be present physically to get the work done.
  • To handle technology, certain skills and knowledge are required. Businesses which are planning to bring in the IoT technology or those who already have this technology will see a higher growth graph, and in order for it to function smoothly, professionals in this field are required.

IoT Security

Security is the main concern in every field which involves a lot of data and the internet. It does make our lives easier but also makes it difficult when it comes to the security of confidential matters. It may be a company’s finance or even your personal information.

Due to various security issues, experts are trying to solve it and to make the IoT developers understand the importance of safety. Since the cost of making it secure is becoming less, security is also losing its priority which shouldn’t be happening.

The Internet of Things will be further integrated into different fields in the near future. As the number of connected devices continues to raise, our living and working environments will be filled with smart devices, hence improving our digital lives.


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