Tips to Take Good Care of Eyes

Tips to Take Good Care of Eyes

Did you know? Over 20 million Americans have severe vision loss. So to help avoid or even reduce vision problems, it’s imperative to see your eye healthcare professional regularly. Some of the common eye problems are blind spots, blurred vision, halos, and floaters. Blind spots, also known as scotomas, are mainly the dark holes in the visual field in which nothing can be seen. Blurred vision is the loss of sharpness, so an individual is not able to see small details.

Floaters are those small bits of protein drifting in the clear gel-like part of the eye. These things are likely to occur and may even get severe if an individual doesn’t take good care of the eye. While it’s not possible to prevent all eye diseases, some easy steps can be taken to help your eyes remain healthy and reduce the chances of vision loss in the future. So let’s dive in;

Look for Symptoms

The following symptoms, even the temporary ones, mean it’s time to visit the eye care professional ASAP;

  • Halos around lights, blind spots, or distorted vision
  • Partial/total vision loss in one/both eyes
  • The bone surrounding the eye or an injury to the eye
  • Trouble seeing at night or perhaps while reading
  • Feeling the shade or curtain drawn across the vision-field
  • Itching/fluid from the eyes
  • Seeing the objects but less sharp
  • Objects getting blurred when far away or near
  • Trouble recognizing the difference between colors
  • Double vision
  • Red and painful eye; Pain in an eye is an emergency
  • Trouble seeing objects on the side of the visual field

Vision Care

It’s imperative for an individual to undergo a regular dilated exam every year or two. For people aged over 60, it’s more important to get the eye examined every year as per the American Optometric Association (AOA). Between your routine visits, it’s advised that you take these essential steps that’ll help maintain & improve your vision;

  • Make sure you eat at least 5-servings of fruits & vegetables daily.
  • Don’t smoke, for obvious reasons.
  • Take breaks while doing any computer work and all other tasks that involve your eyes.
  • Wear the glasses. It’s quite obvious, but many people leave it at home or tucked in a pocket/purse due to vanity/forgetfulness.
  • Wear your sunglasses when going out. Sunglasses should be the ones that can protect your eyes from UVA & UVB rays.
  • Strictly follow the recommended schedule for wearing contact lenses.
  • Try to get conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes under control.

Most Important! Don’t wait

Sometimes, people having vision problems wait far too long before getting their eyes examined by the best Eye Specialist in Dubai. In case you feel any change in vision, make sure you get it inspected by an eye care professional. Keep in mind! Only the eye healthcare professionals can identify serious vision problems at a stage early and suggest the right medication or treatment.

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