Top 4 online Python courses

Top 4 online Python courses

Along with the Java and C++, Python has also become the most popular programming computer language. And, it can be used in numerous domains including web development, automation, machine learning, data science and more. The best part about this coding language is it can be executed on almost every operating system like MAC, Windows, and Linux. The easy accessibility and greater results have made this language a necessary tool for Computer Science graduate to learn. If, you’re busy with your studies or in office and don’t have much time to attend physical classes. Then, go for online courses. So, if you’re thinking to learn Python online then you’ve landed on the right page. Because here is the list of top 4 online Python courses. Adding on, Udemy is the quite popular online destination from where anyone can learn this language. Udemy promocode and free trial sessions will definitely make you save your few bucks.

Why one should learn Python?

It holds immense importance for any programmer or software developer because most of the domains are working on the same language. But the best thing about this coding language is it is a very simple language if learned from an experienced tutor. Also, having knowledge of more than one programming language is always beneficial for programmers. Because, particularly in a US and UK, the demand for Python developers are touching the sky. Moreover, data Science and machine learning will open the well-paid career opportunity for you.

  1. Complete Python Bootcamp- Udemy

Complete Python Bootcamp course is one of the best way to learn Python on Udemy. And, in this course, 25000+ students have registered into this course to learn Python from scratch. The number of students clearly tells about the importance of this course. It is a long but straightforward course to learn this programming language at Udemy. The following course is very beneficial for all levels of programmers. Via this, course, a learner can grasp Python concepts and programming that too in a practical manner. You can easily learn the Python concepts sitting at your home by downloading the Udemy video from the official website and then slowly jump on to different topics.

Complete Python Bootcamp course on Udemy is a practical course where an instructor will show the learner live coding and explain the step by step procedure to make it easier. In this course, quiz, notes, and assignments have also included making the student learn the concepts easy. The major project of creating Python coding has also been accompanied with this course for better learning.

  1. Python fundamentals- Pluralsight

This is another amazing course to learn Python programming language. This course has been offered by Pluralsight. Anyone can easily take this course by taking Pluralsight membership. The authors Rober and Austin has done a commendable job and made the learning fun yet meaningful. This course starts from scratch and in the initial of 30 minutes, the student will learn how to download and install on their workstations. The best thing is, the course includes how to download Python on every type of operating system including MAC, Windows, and Linux as well. The course includes all important Python concepts including Modularity, Handling errors, class, files, collections, string and resource management. Moreover, the learner will also get the chance to learn the development of Python applications via this course. The best about taking the course from Pluralsight is you can take the 10 days trial free membership.

  1. Complete Python masterclass- Udemy

This is yet another course from Udemy to learn Python programming language. The course lectures have been delivered by Tim Buchalka. His experience and passion really make the new learner understand the concepts effectively and in an easy manner. In terms of topics, the Complete Python masterclass is not different from the other two above mentioned courses but the style in which it got delivered holds a large importance. The course has been covered by two instructors one Tim Buchalka and another one Jean-Paul has more than 60 years of experience in Software development and teaching. This, in turn, makes the new Python learner in the right way. Moreover, the following course also covers Python 3.0 which is what most in trends now. Python 3.0 is not the latest but still the major part of this programming language and worth to learn for someone who is willing to make carrier in the same field.

  1. The Python Bible- Udemy

It is the most fun project-based course to learn Python on Udemy. In this course, the learner will get the chance to build 11 Projects. Adding on, if you are someone who loves hands-on learning while working on the project instead of learning the individual concept, then this is the only course which can make you do so. The learner will get the chance to learn about the topics thoroughly and deeply. Because the course has been prepared from scratch and teaches everything that one should have to know about the Python programming language. Udemy delivers what it promised and this truly reflects in the courses. Albeit, project-based learning will definitely help down the student to learn Python language comprehensively and hold a command on the same. In short, this project-based learning course is one of the best course offered on Udemy.

Final words

This is all about top 4 online Python courses, all the aforementioned courses are just amazing to learn this programming language from scratch and hold expertise after then. The courses have been delivered by the experience and knowledgeable teachers or mentors. The teacher not only students to learn the concept comprehensively but also teach the practical execution of that particular concept. Additionally, the courses include notes, quizzes, homework assignment, and projects for better learning. So, if you’re looking to learn the Python computer programming language online, then Udemy is the best website to approach because the prices are very affordable prices also it offers courses on a free trial as well.

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