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We at The Digital Cyborg are always looking for new writers. If you are one of those authors who have got an idea that is capable of challenging our clients and readers and who can help us to move forward then you are heartily welcome and yes we want to hear from you.

If you have something that is keeping you up at night and can bring a fresh perspective for our readers then you can write for us.

If you want to submit your writing then take a look at our guest posting guidelines which are as follows:

  • Your article needs to be at its best and we are here to push you to get there.
  • Once your writing is accepted, you will get a feedback from our team.
  • Don’t forget that we only accept original content i.e., anything that has already been published elsewhere will not be entertained by us.
  • The minimum word and maximum word limit of the articles needs to be 600 words and 1500 words respectively.
  • You need to attach one feature image along with the article.
  • You need to work closely on the things like organization, style, and argumentation.
  • No grammar mistakes will be accepted.

Once you are able to fulfill the entire guest posting requirements, your publication will be scheduled and your article will go live.

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