10 Most Weight-Loss-Friendly Foods on Earth

10 Most Weight-Loss-Friendly Foods on Earth

When it comes to living healthy, going on a diet is not all that you need to do. A healthy lifestyle involves the perfect combination of weight-loss-friendly foods for balanced nutrition and exercise.

Not just too lose weight, but to remain fit, you need a proper diet that gives your body the nutrients it requires to be active and energetic.

Moreover, with the various coupons for weight loss supplements and other dietary foods in the market, as well as extensive workout plans online; there is no reason for you not to try a healthier lifestyle.

Therefore, to help you get started on your journey to fitness, here are ten weight-loss-friendly foods that you can find in any supermarket:


almondsAlmonds are an item you can munch on any time in the day, whether it’s before you leave for work, during office hours or when you come back home in the evening.

But, what makes them suitable for a low-carb diet is that they contain mono- and polyunsaturated fats that help in lowering cholesterol levels and have much fewer calories than other variety of nuts. They also have high fiber and Vitamin E content.


avocadoAnother blessing on earth is avocados; they are the superfood that is said to have various benefits for those looking to lose a few pounds of body weight.

Avocados are enriched with monounsaturated fats, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, and E that are ideal constituents for a weight-loss diet. Moreover, they also help improve eyesight, keep up heart health, and reduce the probability of certain types of cancer.

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Unlike other fruits, avocados are mostly healthy fats, the same kind that is found in olive oil. Despite their high-fat content, the higher ratio of fiber and water balances out the energy density, making them a weight-loss-friendly food.


bananasYou may have been told to eat bananas to gain weight. While there is no scientific evidence to support that theory, the fruit is ideal for both weight loss and maintenance.

What makes them perfect as a weight-loss-friendly food is their abundance of resistant starch.

It is termed as such because of its slower digestion in the human body, which, in turn, stimulates the brain to think you are full for a longer time than usual. Simultaneously, your liver switches to burning fat for your optimal energy intake, which again decreases weight.

Brown Rice

brown riceFor a balanced diet, you need fiber, carbohydrates, and fats. White rice has all three nutrients, but they are also higher in calories than brown rice.

On the hand, brown rice is packed with phytonutrients, fiber, resistant starch but low calories; meaning, it gives your body all the nutrients for a balanced diet without adding weight.

Furthermore, they are also said to reduce the chances of cancer, diabetes, and even heart disease.


cabbageLeafy greens are always a good edition for a weight-loss plan.

Cabbage is a low-calorie superfood, rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, meaning you can eat your fill without worrying about ruining your diet. Besides in cabbage soup, you can put your green vegetables in coleslaws, salads, and of course, burgers, and tacos.

Their protein and fiber content is not as high as animals and legumes, but together with their low energy density, they are an ideal weight burning food.

The ratio of nutrients in cabbage also means that they give you the balanced nutrients you need. And, not just for weight but they are said to have anti-cancerous substances and improve overall health.


cauliflowerAnother green vegetable that makes the list of ten weight-loss-friendly foods is cauliflower.

It is also a good source of fiber, potassium, Vitamins C, K, and B6. Plus, it has a low amount of calories that are what you need. Unlike cabbage, you can’t eat it raw, so steam it to make it easier to digest. You can turn it into a mashed potato-like dish or a soup; there are also ways to turn it into cauliflower ‘rice.’


carrotsCarrots are infamous for their abundance of Vitamin A that makes them ideal for improving vision. But, they are also a good source for fiber and their high water content makes you feel full longer, limiting the recurring hunger.

The beta-carotene in them also helps with boosting the immune system.

Chia Seeds

chia seedsThey may be small, but they are high in nutrition that is ideal for healthy living.

Out of the 12 Carbohydrates found in these seeds, 11 are fiber that makes it one of the best sources for the nutrient and a low-carb food ideal for weight maintenance.

There is no sufficient evidence to claim that chia seeds are specifically for weight loss, but their nutritional composition makes that theory highly plausible.

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Besides fiber, they are also abundant in calcium, omega-3s, and potassium.

Whole Eggs

whole eggsAlthough too many of these can have a reverse effect on your weight loss plan, their fat and protein content makes them an essential part of any fitness diet.

For a calorie-restricted diet plan, eat eggs in the morning instead of bagels and, you are sure to find it fulfilling and feel less hungry through the day.

Moreover, their nutrient-dense attribute means that you get all the essential constituents of a balanced diet that your body needs without adding too many calories.

Beans & Legumes

BeansLegumesBeans are known for their high protein and fiber content that makes them a perfect weight-loss-friendly food.

Some of the members of this family that you should eat are black beans, lentils, kidney beans, etc. They contain resistant starch that leads to satiety and burning of excess fat in the body.

Final Words

An ideal fitness plan includes balanced nutritional intake as well as a workout routine that makes your muscles feel alive. So, for a healthy lifestyle, try to incorporate these weight-loss-friendly foods in your diet rather than starving yourself or solely exercising. Not only will you be more refreshed and active, but you’ll be free of the usual skin problems and illnesses of the present-day world.


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