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13 Reasons Why SEO is Beneficial

You must be wondering – What’s SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing visitors to your website. This process elevates the visibility of the website on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

SEO is an inevitable part of Digital Marketing and a powerful tool to increase the traffic on your website.

On a surprising note, almost 50% of businesses in the USA alone, do not own a website. A figure from a recent Google survey concludes that businesses using the web grow 40% faster than those who don’t.

You must be wondering - What’s SEO?

So first of all, you need a website! And if you have one, you’re losing money each day until your website is not optimized.

Let’s see why?

1. People search for products or services on search engines

Your customers are making use of search engines daily, and it is one of the most important benefits of SEO. Nearly half of the World’s population uses the internet every single day. And almost every person you know is using Google to search for something.

2. SEO traffic is most likely to convert

People who view your products on Google and other similar platforms are the most likely to contact you or buy from you. By making your ranking higher on the Search Engines you are actually giving access to higher footfalls in your shops (or whatever business you have).

3. SEO is less harsh on your pocket

The only cost of SEO is to hire the best SEO company. You don’t need to pay for ads. It may need an initial investment if you hire someone for the task. Despite that, there is no ongoing cost to attract an audience.

4. No timing boundaries for promotion

Through SEO, you will not have any time-boundaries. This means that the stimulation will be 24/7. Once you rank high, your site will be promoted even when you’re dozing off peacefully. This way the traffic can be increased all day, every day. There are night-owls too who would want to make searches in the middle of the night.

Your customers are searching for it at this very moment.

5. Builds trust

People trust Google! And they search for any damned thing on Google.

Don’t you do it too? More than half of the clicks go to the first link in the lists on search results. SEO influences purchasing decisions. When users search for a term, they trust the sites which appear on the top and have better reviews and rank.

6. Enhances brand awareness

People will become aware of your brand through SEO. By being aware of your amenities, they may purchase from you. In addition to this, as more people know you the more they will recommend you to their acquaintances and close circles – like friends and family.

7. Progress can be tracked

SEO is measurable! Your conversions and their sources can be measured. You just require the right tools.

There are abundant sites and trackers available free of cost on the internet which will assist you in tracking the progress of your commerce through SEO.

8. Long-term benefits

SEO may take a while to build up an optimal ranking. But once you are placed on top, you rarely move down.

Effective and well-planned SEO will give you hassle-free benefits for a long time.

9. Your competitors are using it

If you’re not using search engines to grow your business, soon you’ll have no business. It’s like a “ do or die ” situation (of course not literally!). As mentioned earlier, you’ll have roughly 40% higher success rate than other businesses present on the internet if you optimize your site.

10. Will enlarge the number of your social media followers

As viewers are researching your website, they will click on your social media links and most probably will click on FOLLOW. A website with better search engine ranking will gain more social media exposure. The relation between SEO and social media is mutual.

number of your social media followers

11. Mobile friendly

Smartphones are the present and future. Your website must be mobile-friendly. And search engines will favor your web pages on mobile sites.

12. It can help you attract skilled personas

Optimize your site on Google for the positions and hiring. Newbies and experienced people looking for work are definitely going to search online for relevant job profiles.

13. Drives quality traffic

SEO does not use annoying traditional marketing like cold-calling, spam mails, and interruptive ads. Instead, makes it easy for the audience to find you when they need it.

It uses advertisements that are customer-centric. When the customers have time to do research on your products they can find you on their own. It gives you the opportunity to reach an audience who have already decided on purchasing a service that you are selling – rising the chances of your sales leads.

Having an optimized website is a minimal necessity nowadays. Money spent on SEO must be considered an investment rather than an expense.

Someone anonymously stated “ The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search”

Now do you understand the importance of search engine ranking? If you have got questions don’t hesitate to take help from the digital marketing experts out there!

Have a great day!


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