4 Books Read in September and Motivate Yourself

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  • September 20, 2019
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4 Books Read in September and Motivate Yourself

Devora Zack “Single-tasking”

The book for those who live in constant time pressure, juggles with several things at the same time and wonders why, being constantly busy, does not solve things as fast as we would like.

Devora fully explains why multitasking is ineffective, how to learn to focus on one thing and, most importantly, how to prioritize correctly so that you and others are comfortable.

Perhaps a book from the series “Captain Evidence.” But in fact, much of what we know is not used in practice. It makes you think and slow down. You cannot do more by doing several things at once.

Stephen Westaby

Written by Stephen Westaby – an outstanding British physician who speaks the word as well as a scalpel.

He writes about life, death. About what is happening inside a person who daily decides the fate of people. About how important it is to be able to take risks, think with your head and never give up – these are the qualities that enabled him to save thousands of patients, including hopeless cases. About British medicine and its difficulties, unique experiments.

This book is saturated with good and discoveries.

Hal Elrod “The Magic of the Morning”

This book is about how morning mood and the first hours of the day determine the success of an entire day. Plus a powerful motivation to start action and a very strong story. While still young, the author of the book had a car accident: a car with a drunk driver flew into his car at a frantic speed. As a result, Hal survived a clinical death, received serious injuries. Whether he would walk was in doubt. But despite the negative forecasts of doctors, he got on his feet and, moreover, became an ultramarathon.

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As a result of reading the book: I began to wake up 2 hours earlier than the children, enjoy hot coffee in silence and devote this time to myself – read books, plan tasks, learn something, etc.

Thanks to the simple rituals from this book, I began to do more and less tired. Became more meaningful and calm. And most importantly, I learned to set priorities in my life and I will never waste time on empty business.

I recommend reading the book to everyone who has encountered a problem in planning their time, and to those who do not like early rises.

Neil Doshi, Lindsey McGregor “Charged to the Result”

All managers care about how to motivate their employees. For a modern worker, money is no longer the main criterion. Yes, material motivation will not be able to truly inspire a person.

This book is about how to build a corporate culture in a company so that it is cool to work in. This key can be a process built on the game.

Quote from the book:

“The game is based on curiosity and a penchant for experimenting. We instinctively look for previously unexplored opportunities for the game .”

Imagine how charged your employees will be if you learn how to build a workflow in this format. They will have more positive energy and less stress. Work will begin to bring joy.

The book describes techniques and tools that will help you create a culture where people are focused on the result.


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