4 Tips to Use Instagram for Business

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  • July 24, 2019
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4 Tips to Use Instagram for Business

There are about 700 million monthly active users on Instagram with less competition but a more engaged audience than the other social media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

Instagram provides the businesses with an opportunity to market their products to a more targeted and fascinated audience without investing in much amount on paid promotions. With the latest alterations in Instagram’s API, now, the users can publish photos or videos to an Instagram Business Profile by making use of the third party platform. This is a kind of Online Marketing. This makes it easier for the different brands to take the benefit of what all Instagram is offering. There can be two possibilities either your current approach needs an update or you are probably new to Instagram.

Mastering Instagram for Business

Following are the Tips that can be used for Mastering Instagram for Business

  1. Show what you do in a creative way

While using Instagram, make sure that your main focus is to provide the solution and not the products that you are selling. On Instagram, it is very important to add value to your clients and look appealing while doing it. The visual content is one of the most important assets on Instagram that must never be underestimated. If you are promoting a service-oriented business, your main emphasis should be on elaborating the procedure behind providing the service. Tell about your company culture, about the mission or simply some tips. You have the allowance of uploading the photos, short videos (up to one minute in length).

  1. Create a winning profile

As you are showcasing your work, you probably do a lot of things and offer even more solutions. Don’t get caught up in the length of 150 characters. Since the only clickable link is in your Bio Section, make a habit of updating it frequently. Now, Instagram has also launched its own Instagram Business Profiles and paid promotions. You need to add a phone number into the business profile and gives access to analytics data on a wide range. Make sure that you are following the proper instructions and other elements that need to be taken into consideration while managing Instagram.

  1. Take the Customers Behind the scenes

Customers tend to have a natural curiosity to know from where their products actually come from and for that matter, Instagram can be used to show their lifecycle. This is mainly relevant for the organizations that sell the products that are environmentally friendly. If you don’t have anything to share, you may use some kind of notes, sketches etc. Another feature that has been updated on Instagram is that it allows you to archive the posts rather than deleting them.

  1. Expand your reach with #hashtags

Hashtags can be used to expand the reach of your business. You need to make sure that the brand name is set up with the hashtag. Also, keep in mind to use it cautiously across Instagram. This further helps the users to search the content that is related to you. You can make the best use of the hashtags by using them three to five times.


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