5 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Results

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  • September 29, 2019
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5 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Results

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies . The affordable cost, the ease of customization and the good return on investment will boost email as one of the main channels for direct marketing. However, it is clear that this channel also presents challenges in terms of conversion and, mainly, of the behavior of users, who are increasingly adept at message platforms on mobile devices.

The reality is that we generate 100 times more emails than posts on Facebook and Twitter together every day. So, if you are looking for email marketing strategies to improve the opening rate, increase the number of clicks and strengthen the relationship with your potential customers, this article is ideal for you. Follow our 5 tips to improve the performance of your company’s email marketing campaigns .

1. Create your own list of qualified potential customers

If 63.9% of Mexicans access the Internet and 76.6% are present on social networks (and agree to share information), why does your company want to buy an email list? The only thing you will get will be a disqualified base and few opportunities for a return on sales. Worse, it is illegal to conduct mass email campaigns without customer authorization. The only result for your brand will be a bad reputation.

By developing a list of potential customers, the company manages to attract qualified potential customers , prevents its emails from being marked as spam , gains credibility, ensures email delivery and obtains access to real, essential metrics to identify a good campaign and acquire a deeper knowledge of consumer habits and preferences. It is an opportunity to receive quality feedback that can be used as a strategy in the following email marketing campaigns.

2. Have a credibility tool that delivers to mobile devices

Choosing a good email marketing tool is essential to gain credibility and ensure delivery . Look for software that offers options for email models and metrics and that focuses on service delivery, not your base number.

Did you know that people check your phone about 85 times a day? And that 38% of those people open their email on that device? With so many people using mobile devices, hire adaptive software that adjusts the message to the screen size .

3. Be interesting, offer solutions and talk less about yourself

Email marketing is the ideal way to reach thousands of people quickly, directly and massively anywhere in the world. Leave the mark aside for a moment and listen carefully to the reader to know what you want when you subscribe to the email. Keep in mind that focusing on offers is not inviting for the consumer, while highlighting the benefits of the service through content marketing is very attractive.

Another advantage of email marketing is the possibility of using it in different ways: it can include images, music, videos and all kinds of tools that help you get the attention of your customers. Offer relevant content , incorporate new materials in your blog and on your site, make a creative call impossible to ignore, change the “we” to “you” and position the customer as the central character. The objective is to solve the client’s problem and strengthen the relationship between you. Details such as personalizing email marketing with the client’s name and sending a special message on his birthday are considered differential factors.

To adapt the types of emails to the different stages of the customer’s purchase process, you can include, for example, newsletters (relevant information or news), promotions (announce offers moderately) or content for potential customers (different content for each stage of the purchase process).

Be moderate, careful and relevant in your emails so as not to become spam . Finally, remember that the company will cause a minimal environmental impact when communicating with the customer through email marketing. Being sustainable is fashionable!

4. Go straight to the point and do not send thousands of emails

With the daily hustle and bustle of information, nobody wants to waste time on excessive reading. Because 69% of people claim that receiving email marketing on a frequent basis is sufficient reason to cancel the subscription, carefully plan the actions and develop a shipping schedule and marketing automation to define a routine. The user will see your email as something valuable in the middle of so much electronic trash and will think twice before deleting it.

To make email marketing your ally, be brief and send an email only when you have something useful to say. The day and time of delivery also make a difference in the results, as they can 100% influence the number of clicks and conversions. Choose the schedule based on the metrics analyzed and the results of the A / B tests, which we will discuss below.

5. Follow metrics and optimize campaigns

To continue reaping fruits, follow the metrics of each campaign. Observe the numbers of shipments, deliveries, returns, openings and clicks on the links, as well as the links with more clicks, the time of permanence, the subscription cancellation rate and the markings as spam , among others. Sending transnational emails with real-time tracking and drawing graphic reports also generate good data.

Applying A / B tests is another way to discover what you like. Design email marketing campaigns with the same content (or not) and use different email issues to send to the two lists, but observe the reactions and continue optimizing the campaigns to stay on the path chosen by your client .

Address email marketing not as a simple outreach tool, but as a means to get to know the customer better and identify their preferences. Stay connected and become an expert to expand your business based on the information obtained.


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