5 Reasons Why Bloggers Native Advertising Doesn’t Work

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  • September 18, 2019
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5 Reasons Why Bloggers Native Advertising Doesn't Work

About six months ago, the audience of my channel in The Digital Cyborg exceeded 15000 people a month, and they started ordering native advertising from me. True, not so active.

For all these months there were about 7-8 attempts. As a result, 5 native integrations came out. It is understandable. Advertisers are still wary of Zen. No one has successful cases on the “native”, and no one wants to be a pioneer.

But now at work I ran into typical mistakes of advertising customers. It seems to me that they can be found on other sites, whether it’s YouTube or Instagram.

And if you allow them, then even the powerful authority of a blogger in the eyes of his audience will not help to “pull out” failed advertising. They just won’t believe her. Why? Everything is simple.

1. Your product is too flawless

Nothing is perfect. And even your product has flaws. But when I did surveys on registrars and alarms, advertisers always returned me an article for corrections if there was the slightest criticism of their products.

And this is the biggest mistake. Let the blogger reveal at least some disadvantages in the cosmetics, car or teapot that you give for the test. Even subjective.

Otherwise, laudatory odes always look cheap and do not inspire confidence at all. The user does not expect honesty from advertising. So surprise him by truthfully putting the pros and cons of your product on the shelves.

Afraid that your flaws will outweigh your strengths? So something is wrong with the product. Is it generally well sold? And what are the feedback from those who already use it?

Morality . If you are an advertiser, do not cut all the disadvantages that the blogger found in your product. No one expects it to be perfect. This is unconvincing. And I will advise bloggers themselves not to give in to the customer, who insists on praising his product.

Everyone will lose from this. Nobody will believe such advertising.

2. Too little information about the product

Bloggers are very annoyed when the advertiser gives some grains of information about their product. Only a dry list of five technical specifications. They don’t give it to hands, you can’t use it.

How to make good and high-quality native advertising in such conditions? It will turn out some kind of water with a blogger’s gag that you don’t like and you will make it rewrite.

The test should not only be detailed, but also original. Let’s say your microwave is so powerful and fast that it can melt a squad of plastic soldiers in 9 seconds. An example is strange and stupid, but you understand me.

Morality . Bloggers need not hesitate to ask the advertiser for more product information. And it is better for brand representatives to prepare a manual on product features for a blogger in advance so that their feedback is as interesting and rich as possible.

3. The blogger has a strict framework of themes and design

The author of a The Digital Cyborg channel or Instagram page knows his audience best. Over the years, he thoroughly studied it. And he knows better how to better formulate a headline or where to put a link to your site.

But I myself was twice faced with the “stubbornness” of advertisers when they start massive advertising campaigns. And buying posts from several bloggers at once, they send them the same texts.

It even looks comical. Several opinion leaders in the same niche publish the same materials with a difference of one day. Of course, the audience immediately feels a lie, and the whole campaign goes down the drain.

Therefore, I do not advise just giving the blogger a piece of paper from which he will read a pre-prepared article. Let him write his own opinion. In his own style. If you want to buy ads on his channel, you will have to trust him.

Morality . The meaning of native advertising is its dissimilarity to ordinary advertising. In a bad sense of the word. Therefore, you need to really find an interesting angle for presenting the topic and cool to arrange it.

4. No analytics

But I encountered this error in each of those cases when they bought a “native” from me. After the article was posted, the advertiser disappeared. In the best case, a month later a couple of customers asked for the number of times an article was viewed. One returned again to buy a new post.

But everyone ignored my questions about the effectiveness of advertising on my channel. How many conversions to the site? How many leads? All remained unanswered.

I doubt that they simply hid a couple of numbers from me, which are easy to see in The Digital Cyborg. Most likely, no one kept accurate statistics. And how then to track the effectiveness?

Most often, they simply asked for coverage, not even viewing the material. But in The Digital Cyborg, coverage is just the number of times an article or narrative was shown in the feed. If the reader did not open the material, then he did not meet your brand.

Morality . For advertisers, keep track of the conversion of your ads, not just request coverage. Especially in The Digital Cyborg.

5. You give the audience fictional stories

In my subjective opinion, one of the best “native” formats is a test or review. It looks as honest as possible. The advertiser gives the product, the blogger uses it and expresses his opinion.

Subscribers may suspect that this is an advertisement, but they are ready to watch it to the end to find out the opinion of the person they trust about a new smartphone, car, or lipstick.

However, some customers ask or even set the condition to come up with a story, as I accidentally stumbled on this smartphone in the store, bought it spontaneously and was amazed at the power, speed and design for only 3,999 rubles.

And here we again come to the first paragraph on the product without flaws and stupid reviews.

Morality . Considering how much advertising “pours” on us daily, people have learned to feel it well and do not like it when they are asked to buy something in the forehead or come up with inconclusive stories.


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