5 Ways to use Reddit for Social Bookmarking

Reddit is a social bookmarking website that was launched in June 2005. The most visited website in the US with globally #13 Alexa ranking. Reddit served 50+ billion page views in 2016 and the number increases in 2017. Reddit proudly boasts itself to be the front page of the internet, it is clearly observable on their website Title Tag. Rightly so, the website receives 1 Billion + Traffic each month.

Reddit is a top social community site where you can share an image, videos, text and web pages. One can upvote/downvote the post to rank them.

5 Ways to use Reddit for Social Bookmarking

You can use the Reddit to drive a huge amount of web traffic to your website. If done correctly it will drive traffic in volumes that may crash your website; if not done correctly people will roast you on the thread in ways that may make you wanna leave the platform altogether.

More About Reddit!!

Social networking sites with over 50+billion users. Reddit has a very strong network of the community who are frequently active on Reddit. The users called themselves “Redditors” and share the funny educational and latest news here.

Yes, Majority of Reddit content are funny memes, images, videos, and discussion. A discussion where people share their own opinions on a particular topic and discuss with a large group of community.

Also, Reddit users share the news, tech updates, and politics, discuss the topics, helping out others, share the blog post, and explore their experience.

How To Do Social Bookmarking on Reddit

Here are simple steps to do social bookmarking on Reddit:-

1). Go to the https://www.reddit.com/

2). Create an account and verify it. (A verification link is sent to your mail ID)

3). After creating an account, fill the necessary details and complete your profile.

4). At the homepage, click on “Submit a new link” button

5). In “Submit a new link”, there is an option to share an image, video, link, and text. According to your post select the right option and complete it.

6). After selecting the right option and fill title, Now choose the right category that is called “SubReddit” subreddit are basically community threads. Example, r/thedigitalcyborg, r/blogging, r/lifestyle etc.

7). Submit it, Share it and start discussing.

It’s that simple!

Tips For Sharing Content on Reddit

Reddit has a large community of users. before submitting anything on Reddit make sure it’s not spammy content. Reddit Strictly takes action against spammy and irrelevant contents, posts that overruled the terms and conditions.

They have bots that will automatically remove your content, some threads will ban you forever, you may get banned from a subreddit that is super important for your business, Threads like r/blackfriday where you can post deals & giveaways on occasion of Black Friday to drive enormous sales.

1). Don’t submit more than 2-3 links in a week.

2). While submitting your post on Reddit, select the appropriate and right category for your post.

3). Use AMA(Ask Me Anything) to explore your own experience.

4). Share the genuine content and participate in the discussion over it.

4 Ways to use Reddit for Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the best off-page SEO techniques to drive a decent amount of web traffic on your website. Also, you can use it for creating high-quality backlinks for website. But how one can use Reddit as a social bookmarking site. Well, there are so many ways to use Reddit for social bookmarking.

1. Link Share:

Reddit allows you to post content to a particular thread in multiple ways, like link share, text post (with/without links), image submission. You can directly share links, the published post will scrape the thumbnail of the link just like Facebook link share does.

This idea with putting links of Reddit is primarily to drive referral traffic because link value that it may pass is meagre.

As you can see in the above screenshot, it’s a direct link share post that has garnered 2.8K comments & 43.9K Votes. Just imagine the sheer amount of CTR they may have gained. It worked remarkably well in the above example because the topic of article in binge-worthy & most importantly it’s news on r/news thread which has 18.8 Million subscribers.

2. Adding links in text post

When the link you have to share isn’t as popular or binge-worthy as the example from the point above then you have got to create the build up to influence CTR. How do you create the build up? The answer is Storytelling. Address a problem and how it affects people, then add the solution to the problem in the same text post but not complete solution end the text post with hyperlinked text as read more.

This strategy works like a charm.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the guy created enough build up with title and body and in the end of the text post he puts up link to his website thereby influencing click throughs.

3. Use Infographics as a bait to lure CTRs:

Infographics or visual image media can be used to drive click through rate to your shared links. Infographics works the best as a vertical infographic content encapsulates a huge volume of information in it. If your shared infographic delivers the value then you may qualify the chance to drive decent referral traffic to your destination page.

Using infographics on Reddit you can indirectly influence people to arrive at your website by putting the link of your website in the infographic image itself.

4. Link building

You can share your web page links on Reddit by using an option “Submit a new link” and get a backlink from world’s 13th Alexa ranking website. Reddit has 90+ DA (Domain Authority) and 13 Alexa ranking (Globally). You can imagine how many users are active on Reddit.

The motive shouldn’t be just scoring dofollow backlinks from Reddit because it doesn’t pass enough link value as much as you would get from guest posting at relevant sites.

The main goal with posting links on Reddit is to get qualified referral traffic, the thread at which you post might even get viral which will flood your website with traffic on an ongoing basis.

5. Being a part of Discussion:-

On Reddit, there is an option for upvoting and downvoting a post. A number between these signs shows how people like and dislike it, Post ranking. Anytime, Anywhere on Reddit when you see a post, You can give a Plus point if you like the post whether you can dislike it by clicking on the down button.

Reddit acts as a social bookmarking site that is quite engaging & conversational in nature. It’s not one of the thousands of social bookmarking site where you just submit content and forget about it.

On Reddit you get feedback in real-time.

Final Words!

There are some basics on how to do social bookmarking on Reddit, tips for sharing content on Reddit, ways to use Reddit as a social bookmarking site. Hope this post helps you to understand the right way of using Reddit and drive traffic on your website.

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