6 Best Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools

6 Best Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools

Twitter is among the most used and popular social media platforms around the globe and the use of hashtags is a prominent part of Twitter. Therefore, it gave rise to the need for Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools.

Twitter hashtags are significant for marketers as they provide them with behavioural insights into the users around the globe. It makes it essential for them to monitor and analyse them for creating their marketing strategies.

Twitter hashtag analytics tools can assist with studying what topics are trending amid the users, their responses to news, observing what they’re sharing and viewing, and many more. You can also identify key hashtags and how they are being used. This will help you improve your user engagement and interactions for better reach, awareness and exposure.

Hashtags being such a crucial part of marketing, we should know about some Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools for better study of our social presence.

6 Best Twitter Hashtags Analytics Tools are:

  • Taggbox

Taggbox is a social media aggregator and display tool. It pulls in content with the help of account handles and hashtags. It also provides a feature to track those hashtags. It allows you to create a Twitter Feed wall and embed it on your website.

You can display user-generated content and engage with your audience as well with your real-time wall.

It helps you generate audience engagement for your hashtag campaign as well. It motivates people to go ahead and post content with your hashtags.

Taggbox lets you obtain complete insights about your hashtag campaign’s performance. It lets you track and study total impressions, total posts, post type, post network, most active users, sentiment statistics and much more. You can also track post locations and the most influential contributors of the posts.

Anything you need to strategize your marketing techniques is provided by Taggbox. It also offers you many pricing plans for tracking your hashtags, depending on the plan you can track 2-25 hashtags easily.

1. Follow the Hashtag

Follow the Hashtag is a Twitter intelligence and Analysis Tool that helps tracking and understanding all aspects of Twitter. It can help you track content and preferences through different tracking elements like gender, geography, language, keywords, hashtags, etc. You can track your hashtag campaigns and analyze total tweets, total impressions, audience, contributors, measured time, frequency and many more. There are many other features as well that you can get with Follow the Hashtag Premium. Your features depend on the pricing plans that you choose.

It allows you to generate performance reports with both PDF and Excel formats.

2. Export Tweet

Export Tweet lets you track, monitor, and download tweets containing the searched hashtag, keyword or username in real-time. It gives you access to comprehensive details of every tweet and also informs you about any other related hashtags. You can track influencers and dig out the most popular content that contains your hashtag. It provides you with detailed information about the domains of the top contributors as well.

With Export Tweet you can easily cut away the extra noise and concentrate on the data that is actually needed.

3. All Hashtag

All Hashtag is a free website and its sole purpose is to help people with their entire hashtag journey. This website helps them generate, create and analyze their hashtags. It works with 3 tools that are Hashtag Generator, Hashtag Creator and Hashtag Analytics. The first two are quite self-explanatory and with Hashtag Analytics you can study and monitor your hashtags.

All you have to do is enter a keyword related to your business, All Hashtag will generate some hashtags related to your keyword that you can use with your social media.

4. Tweet Reach

Tweet Reach started with the aim of tracking twitter reach but with time expanded their work to social media analytics. So it allows you to generate analytics reports for Instagram Facebook and Tumblr also.

Tweet Reach has some outstanding features like Twitter Archive Search and Twitter Analytics that lets you monitor all social elements of Twitter such as hashtags, topics, profiles and competitors. It generates reports on aspects such as performance, reach and engagement in easy-to-read formats like charts.

Twitter Reach is a reasonably priced social media platform tracker.

5. Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is a tool that helps you analyze Twitter hashtags and linked conversion with it. It helps you to broaden your follower base and bind hashtags into similar groups according to your set criteria.

Tweet Binder lets you track, analyze and export reports of Twitter hashtags in real-time. You can also access your historical data for your hashtag campaigns. This tool not only gives you full access to your Twitter content like top hashtags and hashtag with most reach but also gives you the power to curate your content. This helps in providing sincere regard to your content.

Final Words

Twitter Hashtag Analytics is an essential and highly valuable tool for your brand. It can help you track your performance on Twitter. It can tell you how much people are talking about your brand and help you enhance your marketing strategy accordingly. The above-mentioned tools can be highly beneficial for your brand and should give you great results.


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