7 Time Management Life Hacks

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  • September 20, 2019
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7 Time Management Life Hacks

1. Avoid useless meetings

I refuse all meetings, gatherings and meetings of which I can. If you can’t meet, don’t meet. If without live communication in any way, transfer it to the online space. I use Skype to avoid meaningless travel around the city.

Exceptions :

• Meetings where conflict issues are resolved, as well as where you need to show your attitude to what is happening or gain trust.
• Brainstorming, which we specially come together with the team in the same city. Most often, assaults are devoted to strategically important tasks. We collect all the necessary questions and plan a brainstorming schedule immediately for 2-3 days. Honestly, in terms of efficiency, this replaces a whole month of office work.

You can receive all reports and explanations from employees in writing and process them at a convenient time for you: while standing in a traffic jam, riding the subway or waiting for your new car in a car dealership.

What to do if meetings cannot be avoided?

• Try to transfer meetings to the online space as much as possible so as not to be tied to a specific place. After all, a Skype meeting is also a meeting.
• Group tasks that are close geographically. For example, if you have several meetings planned for a week, then transfer them for one day to one cafe and spend one after another.
• When meeting with subordinates, ask them to collect all the arguments and stories in writing beforehand. Believe me, their reports will decrease. You will get to know the information much faster.
• Ask the person in charge to write the agenda for the meeting, draw up a plan of decisions and send them to you before the meeting. Most likely, the solution will be found already in the letter itself, because the person will carefully think about the problem and understand it, and will not shift the solution to “in the course of the meeting.” And the meeting is simply not required.

2. Learn to say no

Say “no” to unnecessary deeds, routines, useless meetings, bad habits, distractions and even people and their requests!

Girls are particularly affected by this problem: we cannot refuse. We are afraid that we will be offended, that they will not understand us so much, that we will appear rude.

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Frankly, I’m a fan of saying no. They offended me more than once (relatives, family), and looked with round eyes, and all in that spirit. But you know, we’re used to it later. I always help when I consider it effective, important, useful. But if this is a minor task that someone else can do, I refuse or delegate to someone else. My life did not get worse from this, only better.

That is, “no” you must be able to say – both to those around you who want something from you (small and useless), and to yourself if the action definitely eats up time. For example, watching TV shows or feeds on Instagram.

3. Disconnect anything that distracts

Remember yourself: work is in full swing, when suddenly: tink! – a letter came in the mail. Or a message on the social network. You break away from creative work, open mail, there you see a few more letters that you need to respond to. You are distracted. And to concentrate again, it takes time.

Therefore :

• Remove push notifications on your smartphone related to likes or the release of a new version of the game. Leave only the most important or nothing at all.
• Disable the VKontakte news feed, this can be done in the settings. Put Mute (silent mode) on all extra chats in Telegram.
• Uncheck the reminders for all applications on your computer. Including incoming mail.
• Pay attention to checking mail, new messages, Telegram channels for a certain limited time that was planned in advance, or read in traffic jams / queues and so on.

No need to start your day with checking mail and messages.

There is a hidden pitfall in this: if there is something in the letters that requires your attention, then your day begins to be built not by you, but by the people who wrote to you! After all, so that the message is not lost, you begin to immediately deal with these issues, and not with planned tasks. Your day is subordinated to the tasks and problems of other people!

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Moreover, in the morning the brain is not swayed, and it subtly responds to all external stimuli. And if in the morning someone rude to you in the message, then all day can be spoiled: you will become upset, constantly returning thoughts to the situation. The energy that you spend on this can be easily converted into a temporary equivalent.

4. Do not do what you can not do

Each time, think: should I do this? Or: can I NOT do this?

For example, is it possible to ask a taxi driver to take this package to the right place for me? Should I buy products in a store, not through an online store? Can I order a ready-made cooking kit instead of going to the store? Can someone post this post in my place?

That is, the point is not to do what you can not do.

5. Remove from life

Starting from bad habits, ending with old things in the house.

Throw out excess clothing from the house (or give it to the one who needs it) and extra things, and from your head – unnecessary thoughts, fears, doubts, people.

Periodically, such cleanings need to be arranged. Because the new comes only where it has a place. And the “old” will put pressure and interfere with action.

6. Fill yourself with business energy

We devote many lessons to this task on the course “The Way of Dreams”. Do not forget that you need to replenish energy regularly, and not once a month. Take time for health, sports, self-development. Train confidence, emotions. Work with fears, doubts. Mark your results, even small ones.

Check sometimes if everything is all right with you, if any direction is sagging. If everything is in order, then this reflects on your energy in general and the ability to do more.

7. Delegate!

No advice on how to manage time will work unless you learn to delegate. Delegation will not only give you the opportunity to take off routine tasks and activities that you don’t like or don’t get, but also, in principle, will improve your quality of life and achieve financial success:

• expand the business;
• prepare him for an independent life while you are on a journey;
• devote more time to yourself and your family.


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