7 Ways to use AMP Technology in Email Newsletters

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  • September 18, 2019
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Email newsletters are a powerful tool that helps solve dozens of marketing tasks. But what if you were told that you can make it even more functional and increase the return on newsletters? Increase engagement, attract attention, increase conversion? All this is possible thanks to the new AMP4 Email technology for creating interactive newsletters with dynamic content.

In the article I’ll tell you how it works, how you can use it and what you need to do to make it work.

How AMP works in Mailing Lists

A couple of weeks ago I received such a letter in the mail. Suppose this is not spam – I myself left them an email, the assortment and promotions are interesting to me. Therefore, I will open it.

To get to the purchase from such a letter, I need to go to the site – a promo page will open. Then select a section, find the right product, and so on. Even if something interests me, most likely, at the time of viewing the letter, I will not have time for all these actions. “Then,” I think … And forget.

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Now imagine that instead of a photoset, there would be several selections with specific products, and in addition to the buttons to go to the promo page and collections – CTA “Buy” or “Put in the basket”. My eyes could catch on that white T-shirt, and I would click. Then, going to the site, I will see the goods in the basket, remember what I wanted to buy, and place an order. Even assuming that I will not go to the online store for a week, two or a month, with the goods in the basket there is always the opportunity to send me a reminder.

Such letters with interactive elements and integration with the site are possible thanks to AMP. Although this designation may suggest static and fast web pages for mobile devices (which every year, however, are becoming more functional and dynamic), in the case of email everything works a little differently and so far only on desktops.

AMP for Email is a technology that allows you to use dynamic and interactive elements in emails. From the technical side, this is achieved by adding AMP elements to regular html letters. For security reasons, the supported components, and therefore the capabilities of such mailings, are limited. But these features are still wider than regular html emails. Let’s look at them.

Why is Interactive Useful in Emails?

First, let’s talk briefly about why this is necessary at all, and then I will give examples of solving specific problems.

Interactive Useful in Emails

So, interactive newsletters with dynamic content help:

• Cut the funnel: As in the example from the previous paragraph. Instead of going to the site and traveling from the promo page to the desired section, I can put the goods in the basket directly from the letter.
• Increase engagement. Interactive elements and polls invite the recipient to interact with the letter. He clicks on buttons and pictures, getting involved in the content.
• Attract attention: Interaction in letters while the thing is new. He has not become boring and has not become something familiar. Everything new and unusual attracts attention, and most of all it will be received by those who launch a new chip before others.
• Maintain up-to-date information: By implementing integration with the site, you can load product data directly into the letter. For example, you send the buyer a selection of products that may interest him, with prices and availability. If you use AMP components, the information in the letter will change after the information on the site. If any product rises in price or runs out, this will be reflected in the letter.
• Save customers time: The ability to perform actions without leaving the mail saves time. For example, I set up a notification on the website of the ticket agency – as soon as the sale opens for the desired performance or concert, I will receive a letter. Without AMP, having received such a message, I will have to go to the website for the order, with AMP I can issue everything in a letter.
• Use more features for content design: AMP is not only data exchange with the site, but also visual dynamic content – sliders, galleries, accordion. All this helps to set visual accents and make the content more compact, fit more on fewer screens.

As I said before, the capabilities of AMP4 Email are limited to the official component library . The technology, for sure, will evolve, and over time there will be more opportunities. Here’s what you can do with AMP right now.


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