Automated Text Ad Format to Become New Standard

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  • September 10, 2019
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Automated Text Ad Format to Become New Standard

Now, every advertiser in the market can begin testing the responsive search ads in the Microsoft Advertising Accounts they hold. The responsive search ads (RSAs) were initially introduced by Google in the last year and with these ads, the ad systems automatically function as an arrangement of both, the headlines and the descriptions that are provided by the advertiser.

Do you know what actually are RSAs?

With the use of responsive search ads, the creating and testing ads become easier as the development of your ad is automated. In this case, the advertisers can add up to 15 headlines and 4 lines of description in every ad through the editor, the bulk API. On the other hand, you may even import the current RSAs from the Google Ad campaigns you run. On making the combination, the outcome is up to three titles and two descriptions.

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The estimate of the ad strength is indicated in the RSA editing window as a rough measure of the RSA performance. It has been suggested by Microsoft that adding 7-10 headlines at a minimum is a good option. Also, it is important to know that these don’t contain similar phrases whereas at a minimum of two descriptions must be different from one another. There is no specific order in which a combination is served because of which you need to make sure that the headlines and the descriptions are going hand in hand in some of the orders.

Pin for Priority

You have the advantage of jotting the descriptions and the headlines that you want to get highlighted in the top section as you have control over the way your ads have to be displayed. The Microsoft allows the top positions for only 1 to 2 headlines and for 1 description.

Performance and Reporting

In an announcement on Friday, the Microsoft advertising said, “The best performing ad combinations are automatically identified and reported to you, while the underperforming ads aren’t shown again”

It has been suggested by Microsoft that one must review the RSA performance results on a consistent basis in the combination report page.

Why Should We Care?

Since Google and now even Microsoft is allowing and commercializing RSAs, it is expected that the machine-learning powered structure will eventually become the standard. The text ad and the ad testing will endure heading towards the direction.


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