Avoid While Buying Wall Mounted LCD Advertising Screen

Avoid While Buying Wall Mounted LCD Advertising Screen

Display screens for advertising are being avidly used for promoting products/services and boosting branding efforts. While these screens are certainly value for money and they are a smart way to expedite your marketing and advertising promos, finding the right screen and vendor for installation can turn out to be a puzzling endeavor.

Wall mounted screens are easy to maintain and manage; this is the reason these are among the most commonly used commercial displays. When looking for LCD commercial screens, you need to be wary about the quality of products, the brands’ credibility and the dealers’ customer service and support to make a smart choice.

There are many vendors that offer outdoor advertising display machine for sale but you need to gauge the competence of a service provider and the kind of products offered to you to ensure, you get a good deal.

Always look out for latest models of display screens with maximum features to make the most out of an advertising display machine. You need to search online and locally for various commercial advertising display solutions providers to get well-acquainted with the available models and pricing of screens.

Here are some mistakes that you need to avoid when buying wall mounted screens!

Getting Oversized or Too Small LCD Screen

You should take measurements of the wall where you intend to have the LCD display screen mounted. Don’t buy a too large or small screen, instead choose size specifications wisely. You won’t be able to showcase your products effectively if you make a wrong size choice for the display screen. If you have a dependable vendor, ask questions about the available sizes and share the measurements of the wall to ensure you buy a product that best suits your needs.

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Not Gauging Features of Outdoor LCD Advertising Screen

Another commonly made mistake when making a purchase for advertising display screen is not evaluating the features of different products. You need to know in detail about the picture resolution and other details of various screen models so that you make an informed decision. Ask the vendor to show you screen that matches your business and marketing campaign needs, for instance you will surely need high definition display screen for flaunting your signature dishes and baked delicacies if you are running a café.

Compare the features of various products and make a preference based on your requirements and liking.

Paying Hefty Installation Charges for the Display Screen

Most of the advertising display screen dealers would lure you with claims of free installation but you will end up paying more than you can expect for mounting a screen on the wall. Inquire about wall mounted advertising machine price with installation charges so that you don’t get overcharged for the services. If you will know the exact price breakdown, you will be able to make a comparison of prices and it will save you time, trouble and money.

Make sure to have an insight on the brand you intend to rely on for your display advertising screen. Instead of trusting a newbie one you should depend on a retailer that has been in the business for quite a long time and offers you newest models and nominal price range.

SORP Displays is a widely lauded commercial display screen vendor that offers finest quality products and professional installation services for all kinds of businesses to make their advertising campaigns prolific for wider target audience.


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