Building and growing an Email list is Easy

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  • July 2, 2019
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Building and growing an Email list is easy with The Digital Cyborg

Are you familiar with the term return on investment? Yes? You know what, you can reach to four-digit ROI? If you are not aware of this, then this blog will help you in finding the best marketing channel.

Email marketing is the term which can help you in reaching the level of more than 4300% ROI. Yes. Understood the importance of marketing your brand via the emails? I have unveiled the magic term for your business. Only the knowledge will not work.

There are certain “norms” which are associated with email marketing. Marketing or I would say digital marketing is sensitive. You need to do it right. It’s the secret to the best google rank. One wrong step can downfall the entire hard work which you have been doing. We are here to concentrate on the email marketing. Let us begin knowing more about it.

Make email list building and growing a top priority

The content which you have got from the best writers will be useless if you do not have a sorted and a clean list of the email recipients. We are here discussing the email marketing, so there must be some challenges related to it which make it a discussable as well as the hot issue. The two main predicaments which turn into hurdles are acquiring new subscribers and curbing the churn rate.

What are churn rate and its curbing?

When your site sees a downfall in the number of subscribers, it is email list churn. The users and the subscribers quit from the mailing list resulting in the hike in the churning rate. The two main factors of this list are the subscribers and bounces which a website experiences (yeah, unfortunately).

The way outs to curb it

There are many ways to control or diminish the churn rate. Some of them are as follows

1. Set your subscribers free and let them pick their preferences.

2. A double-opt-in can help you in finding the genuinely interested subscribers list

3. Surveys can bring miracles to your website’s faith. Conduct a few and learn what kind of content they are most interested to read

4. Stay away from the “garbage.” I am not being rude but is the harsh truth. Everything irrelevant is garbage. So, broadcast only targeted and relevant emails.

5. Focus on generating the quality. We know the quality is the queen of digital marketing. So, never dream of compromising with it. Do not hassle. Give ample and sufficient time to your writers so that they can create the best for you. Quantity was never in demand and will not be in the coming future. High-eminence is the user’s first pick. Let your writing team think of crafting engaging content. It will help your user to have a great experience reading your quality emails.

6. Customize your list

New subscribers’ acquisition

Buy it. Usually, read this over the internet? Oh, have you ever done this before? It’s easy and tempting both. That’s’ why many website owners make the mistake of practicing it.

How to build an email list?

For this, stay tuned to the website. The blog is coming soon.


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