Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations Take Place in 2020

Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations Take Place in 2020

Living in the interconnected global village where everyone is connected to everyone else, sharing information and communication has become more accessible than ever before. In order to survive in the world of competitive businesses and industries, it is essential for entrepreneurs to be adapt and fervent in adopting the changing marketing trends.

Take a moment to understand the impact of digitisation and evolving technology on businesses. Once you determine the impact of digital evolution, you can take advantage of the changing digital trends of marketing and improve the existing marketing tactics.

Digital marketing is made up of many different parts—PPC, SEO, social media, marketing automation, content marketing, Wikipedia and more. Innovative technologies and techniques and the ever-changing algorithms of Facebook and Google keep marketers on their toes. To succeed and stand out in the world of businesses and industries, you need to take advantage of the upcoming trends and digital marketing campaigns to be effective in your business ventures.

That being said, here are some digital marketing trends you should watch out for in the year 2020.

  1. The use of Chatbots

Chatbots is an innovative way to communicate with the viewers of the site and can answer their query in real-time. They can either use verbal interaction or chat windows to find out what the users require. Hiring an individual to communicate and monitor the visitor for your website can be expensive and inefficient. This is why businesses use Chatbots to provide personalised services and customer support to the viewers.

  1. Hyper-targeted audience

Businesses today are using digital ads to market and advertise their products and services; however, have you ever come across an advertisement which annoyed you or had nothing to do with you? The answer might probably be yes! Not only do these online ads annoy the user, but your potential customers also end up hating the products you have spent a fortune to market. On the other end, people tend to love content. If you consistently send personalised messages to your target audience, your potential customers will be willing to respond by making a purchase. Many industries and businesses are aware of the trend and are using it for the success of their business.

  1. Transparency

According to research, companies who are transparent and produce easy-to-digest information are likely to retain more ninety per cent of their customers.  However, how you utilise the customer’s private data is vital. Companies are required to be completely transparent on what kind of information is being shared and which platforms are used to promote the services of the brand. For example, many businesses are taking advantage of Wikipedia as a marketing platform to improve their customer base. You must be wondering how to create a Wikipedia page for my business? Well the simple answer is, you hire services to produce a Wiki page abiding by the rules of Wikipedia.

  1. Increased use of artificial intelligence

At its core, AI is the ability of machines to work live humans. AI uses the combination of features and algorithms such as Chatbots and virtual assistants who can easily answer a query in real-time. A great example of this is Alexa and Siri, the voice assistants who are excellent in providing excellent customer care and can work behind the scenes on their behalf. The AI robot can do this by collecting the data and facts about the user and their previous ventures to improve their future experiences.

  1. Use of messaging apps

Companies today are also using private messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and more to connect with the audience. Major brands are already using messaging apps where customers will be able to pay for products directly or send and receive money.

  1. Personalisation

Personalisation is the future of digital marketing. Take the example of amazon which built its business by analysing the customer behaviour and prompting products according to the previous research of the user. It showcases the products in a recommendation tab and found it to be a great tactic to get more business. It can help you to reach out to a specific group of customers. You can collect their data and create relevant and effective email campaigns based on their buying habit and preferences.

  1. Voice search

With the continuous evolution in technology, the use of smartphones is rapidly increasing. Features such as Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa are useful in digital marketing and helps a user in delivering results in real-time. Voice search can search for quarries, read text loudly and even dictate message for you so you can be hands-free. Voice search can boost the use of artificial intelligence and prioritise semantics of search.


If you are a business owner, it is essential to know about the current marketing trends to be able to stay relevant and make a stable position in the market. Make sure that you do your research and devise a proper marketing plan to be successful in your business ventures.


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