Facebook Doesn’t Want More Like

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  • October 10, 2019
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Facebook Doesn't Want More Like

Mark Zuckerberg’s company has decided to create a pilot plan in Australia where its goal will be to eliminate the Like counter with each publication.

Since the appearance of social networks all people have a purpose at the time of publishing you content then write for us, and it is to obtain the maximum amount of likes in order to be popular and valued.

If getting likes in publications is a symbol of recognition among the community, then why eliminate it?

There are two causes

According to several nonprofit organizations that defend public health , they say there are two causes that directly affect people’s behavior and mentality when they like them.

• It affects the self-esteem of people seeking validation through the button. This often happens with children and adolescents who do not have enough maturity to face the use of networks.
• It makes people addicted to the platform thanks to the notifications that appear when a user touches the button.

Meanwhile, the company has decided to experience user behavior by eliminating certain measurements. The count of reproductions is one of them.

He goes on to say: “We want to be a platform where people feel comfortable expressing themselves.”

Instagram did the same

FacebookThe same happens with Instagram. This year they also decided to do the same, with the difference that their pilot test included several countries and began to hide the likes only in videos.

This measure allows to strengthen the philosophy that Instagram has proposed since its inception, make users share moments, have good relationships and be happy within the platform.

In conclusion, the managers of these companies want to build trust in people to express themselves without worrying about the likes they can get.

In addition, this change is generated by the format of the Stories that all users prefer to publish content, since each comment or reaction is kept private.


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