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  • August 6, 2019
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The power of the internet and advanced technology is showing its impact in almost all the sectors. Travel is one of those sectors. No matter if you are a service provider or service recipient it can be seen that a major part of our day is influenced or centered around technology. The travel industry has experienced a huge advancement in a few decades only. For instance, purchasing an air ticket for some years ago was a complicated task. With the arrival and integration of flight booking system in travel portal development, the customer can book a ticket with just one click. Just a single integration changed the complete picture of a travel company in the form of advance asset and cost-effectiveness.

As the travel industry is such a huge industry, a beginner company faces many troubles to become competent. It is a difficult task to withstand competition from reputed companies. The reputed companies provide lots of exciting offers and discounts which is not possible for a newly established company. In that case, fresh companies must show some uniqueness in their services. This can be only possible through the right travel portal development services which is to be performed by a travel technology company. End number of technology companies are providing services in the market. Choose the one which is providing services at a reasonable cost. By doing so helps travel companies to get a travel portal as per their need. There are some features which are significant to develop a complete and informative website.

Significant Features Which Must Be Included In Portal Development

Direct Browsing Filters

In designing a great vacation package the browsing filters play a significant role. The portal which has advanced browsing filter, user-friendly interface, and detailed exploration filters get more customer trust. The right functionality supports buyers in easily completing their entire purchase. So it is highly recommended to design your travel portal with advance features which further make the customer work easy.

Estimated Exploration

The ticket reservation process becomes more simple when it is merged with the user-friendly exploration option. This is one of the significant features which is to be used by a great number of visitors. The companies are attracting more and more users with this feature as they get the direction based on their previous searches. They may search according to the hotel name or city.

Appealing Media

Apart from all other factors, the use of media is another significant feature which catches the eye of users. The images and videos on the websites engage users on the website for a longer period. This is the only thing which allures the visitor’s mind and compels them to make a complete booking. The company must use the correct pictures and videos in the travel portal development for your business. Website media content is what describes the company offerings, how it works and much more.

GPS Integration

The travel technology company combines the Google map on their portal. It allows absolute knowledge of the position and gap between two destinations which improves user comfort. There is no destination constraint in google map as you can find the things for two different countries as well. This is such a great help for passage in designing their journey. Apart from that, they can find their way very easily if get confused on the journey. It almost acts like another tour guide for a traveler.

Powerful Payment Integration

A booking can not be completed until payment is not made by the customer. To process a payment the company must offer them a payment gateway option. There is an endless way to pay these days and customers discover it convenient when they get a different way to process amount. It could be credit, debit card, UPI and others. This can be left a positive impression of the company in the customer mind and keep him avail services again and again.

Augmented Reality

This is very much in trend these days. Augmented reality offers the 3D tour different destination, Wi-Fi, 24/7 hours weather prediction and much more. It is gaining recognition because it enables hotels and other service providers to improve the authentic experience for your buyer. The crystal clear view of hotels or places in 3D attracts users to pay a visit to the travel company office. Apart from this buyer majorly uses mobile phones to access the company website which makes augmented reality compulsory need.


Reviews The Digital Cyborg

Every business works for good reviews and opinions from customers. To proceed further user always checks the reviews or feedback of previous customers. A good number of positive reviews can help a company to get high traffic on their site whereas negative reviews can hurt the reputation of the company. Feedback shows the reality of how a travel company serves its clients. Apart from this Google admire quality content and positive reviews keep your name listed in the good books. This ultimately makes the company rank high in Google search results.


There are many more features but these are the best for effective portal development. The website with the right set of design and wonderful functionalities means a lot for a user. Hence maintaining a transparency factor in content uploaded on the website is a crucial aspect. The suggestion and guide for a further step in the booking process can make the company gain more users.


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