How 5G Will Be Changing our Life

How 5G Will Be Changing our Life?

Human lives these days depend on a fragile entity even more imperative than oxygen – Internet Connection. With the Internet of Things evolving rapidly, it has becoming an integral part of our professional lives, our personal lives, and the way we interact with entire world. In such a scenario, it becomes tough to imagine a less than perfect connectivity. A 2G connection beyond anybody’s though process. And with the advent of 5G, the Digital Disruption is even more imminent. The fifth generation internet connectivity has created a buzz which cannot be undermined due the sheer need of a faster, robust and reliable connection.

The effects of 5G will also be drastic and penetrative in nature. Apart from an ease of automation, there are several other factors which shall dictate how 5G shall be responsible for a transformation. This post, as a part of guest blogging, shall focus on the same.

  1. Faster Downloads & Streaming –

A faster internet connection will surely affect the consumer experience to a wide scale. Downloading files, music, movies, etc. and streaming videos shall be faster. This will also prolong the battery life of phones since there won’t be an extra pressure to sustain the background activity while downloading happens. Gone will be days of annoying buffering. The news definitely serves the content creators as you can engage you audience now with long form of content without any connectivity barrier.

  1. Change in Internet Plans –

This change shall drive consumerism as well as business alike. A faster internet connection will ensure that people will opt for a plan with greater speed and more data available. They might also use mobile phones as hotspot and tether to the bigger machines, such as laptops, to enjoy seamless internet experience. The need to subscribe to a WiFi plan will be killed. Broadband connections are already almost in the past. With the 5G reaching the throne, WiFi might also become an obsolete technology. Also, this shall lead to internet reaching even Tier 3 and rural areas with much ease. People will not be in  a need to purchase dedicated WiFi plans and set up routers. Smaller businesses can definitely take advantage of the same by providing internet 5G plans to employees and take their services anywhere, anytime.

  1. Rise of Artificial Intelligence –

5G connectivity shall boost the AI sector which will become more responsive. The emotional quotient will be at par with that of humans which shall facilitate the introduction of automation in various fields. It will also create scope for advanced robotics and soon we might be able to witness an advanced army helping us in our daily chores. Such notions will definitely help engage your audience now, especially if you are an active player in this field.

However, 5G would definitely need a strong level of preparation. There would be an intense need for cloudification and designing a sophisticated system to sustain the same. By reading this piece for guest blogging one can surely ascertain that the days of 5G are fast approaching.


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