How to Healthy Diet Impact on Pregnancy

How Diet impact on Pregnancy

Planning for a little one? Then it’s time to roll your sleeves up and settle down for some healthy diet routine and folate supplementation before conceiving. What you eat directly affects the newborn to-be. It makes the woman feel nervous about what she ought to or ought not to be doing for her own and her infant’s well being.

To have a healthy pregnancy, you should be as strong as could reasonably be expected. Being healthy for a pregnant woman is most essential not only for growing baby but also for your physical and mental stability. She should be focused on eating a healthy diet routine to be physically strong and for dealing with feelings. When you change the diet, your lifestyle also gets change for goodness sake. This has to help to improve the health of your child.

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Healthy diet : Being pregnant, it is very important to keep her healthy balanced diet. It is normal to have a craving during pregnancy. But it is not necessary to overeat. You can choose in a healthy way and in a proper diet. Too much weight gaining is also a danger for the growth of your child. It is also difficult to reduce post-pregnancy weight also. In a pre-pregnancy, generally, ladies put on weight of 10-16 kg. In the last trimester, the woman body requires an extra 200 calories each day. So keep it this all factors in mind you can plan your diet for your pregnancy.

Which Food Should Focus

• Water: Water is essential for all living being. You should drink plenty of water while pregnant to avoid dehydration. You may experience headaches, fatigue or weakness due to low water retention in your body.

• Sweet Potatoes: Sweet Potatoes are rich in Vitamin A and one of the best foods to eat while pregnant. About 100 to 150 gms of cooked sweet potatoes fulfills your daily requirement of Vitamin A.They can help in the division of cells and tissues during pregnancy.

• Dairy Products: Dairy products are a rich source of calcium and protein, which are extremely basic for the healthy growth of your baby. You should drink at least 2 glasses of milk every day to provide the required amount of calcium and protein to your baby. Yogurt is another best food to eat while pregnant, which helps to keep your baby’s bones stronger.

• Legumes: Legumes like chickpeas, lentils, peas, soybeans, beans, and peanuts are well known for their rich Folate content and make one of the best foods to eat while pregnant. It is an essential supplement for the growth of your baby, especially during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.

• Salmon: Salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and makes the best food to eat while pregnant if you are a non-vegetarian. As per clinical trials, pregnant women can fulfill the daily requirement of omega 3 fatty acids by eating 2-3 salmons per week.

• Eggs: Eggs are definitely one of the best foods to eat while pregnant.1 whole egg is an essential element for your baby’s brain development. Eggs contain almost every nutritional element like proteins, fats, and minerals, which are essential for proper growth and development of your baby.

• Fruits: Seasonal fruits are highly nutritious and can be the best foods to eat while pregnant. Fruits boost immunity and help in reducing skin infections. Avocados also help in reducing cramps during pregnancy.

• Vegetables: Vegetables are a rich source of fiber, iron, potassium, folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and Calcium. Green leafy vegetables are rich in antioxidants and boost yours and baby’s immunity. These vegetables can even help you maintain your weight post-delivery.

• Meat: Pregnant women need more iron as their blood volume increases every day during pregnancy. Pork and chicken are known as the best source of essential proteins and iron. You should keep a check your hemoglobin levels regularly and must include meat in your diet plan.

• Dry Fruits: Dry fruits are often considered as a rich source of iron, fiber, potassium, Vitamin K and sorbitol. They make healthy mid-day snacks and the best foods to eat while pregnant. You should include dates, prunes, and walnuts to your diet regime while pregnant. A growing baby needs sufficient iron, calcium and folic acid from the beginning of the pregnancy.

A pregnant woman should be very cautious and should avoid and not include the following foods in her healthy diet:

• Raw eggs, raw meat, mayonnaise and mousse
• Avoid adding fat [may be deep fry oily foods]
• Taking a large amount of vitamin is also cause harm to an unborn baby. So maybe you take suggestion from your doctor to keep this in check
• Taking a lot of caffeine like tea, coffee, and chocolate, cool drinks, some energy drinks.
• Tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol must and should be avoided.

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