How to Approach Guest Post Pitch and Get Accepted

How to Approach Guest Post Pitch and Get Accepted

Inbound marketing is in vogue. Approaching potential customers with non-intrusive techniques that are based on offering value exceeds the possibilities of traditional advertising. One of the main techniques of inbound marketing is what is known as Guest Posting, which is summarized in participating as a guest in other people’s blogs. An excellent way to join two elements that both Google and your customers will value positively:

  • Disseminate interesting content to audiences that you would not otherwise reach.
  • Get value links, axis of link building

Although there are many blogs and websites which offer the writers to write for us, but not all the writers get accepted there. In order to write good guest post pitch and get accepted, the writer has to follow the following stepsĀ 


Whether you are looking for a paid job or a place to contribute for free, it can be tempting to send your information everywhere. But do not do it. Instead, spend some time researching the blogs you are considering. Research your content and your audience. Think about what you can offer readers that is unique.

Introduce yourself

Whether in person or online, introduce yourself to someone from whom you are requesting information. Doing so will save time, make a better impression and put it in front of the right person. Remember, you never know if the person you are talking to is the one who makes the decisions or if you have the ear of the person making the decisions. At least, even if the editor doesn’t think it is a good option for the blog, one has the information so he can consider it later or pass on her information to someone else.


When a guest post works best, it is a benefit for both parties. The blog editor gets great content for his readers and the writer gets a large audience for his work. But for the publisher to know that it will provide something of value, he must let him know why he should allow him access to his writers. If you have followed step one, you should be able to create a tone that allows the editor to know what it has to offer.

There is a lot of information online. When you create a launch, not only think about the information that appears on the blog you are launching, but what is in general. What do you have to offer that is different? Make that clear in your tone.

Create a good post

There cannot be an effective Guest Posting without an attractive post that meets the rules of publication of the blog in question. If there are no explicit rules, it is interesting that you propose some basic ideas in order that there are no misunderstandings that force corrections. The clearer the publication guides, the shorter the time necessary for the post to be published. So you will know if you have to send the post in a word processor or you can publish it on the blog itself with a guest access.

From these guides, it is interesting that you consider the following recommendations:

  • Define a base keyword for the post
  • Write several titles to propose to the blogger in question
  • The content must be unique. Do not repeat texts that are already published in other spaces. If you do not send original content it will be difficult to be considered as a guest blogger.
  • It provides value with the content and uses the necessary resources to achieve it: images, infographics, links, etc.
  • It incorporates several messages that can be used as an introduction to the post from the different social networks
  • Once the post has been published, do not forget to encourage comments or respond to reactions that occur
  • Finally, look for the variety. It is more interesting to publish in several different blogs than to write several posts for the same blog.

Avoid common mistakes

An effective Guest Posting happens to avoid making bulk mistakes that usually occur. Among them, the most important to avoid are:

  • Do not fall into blog networks that only use Guest Posting as an element to get links that position certain brands in organic searches for specific keywords.
  • Do not put links just because it is contemplated in a link building strategy. Take care of the anchor text of each link and prevent everyone from going to your blog.
  • Do not rewrite content that you have already published and, of course, do not copy content.
  • Do not write for Google spiders. Your content should be interesting and easy to read by specific users and not by a robot with a certain algorithm.

Do not always publish with the same blogs. Google may penalize you.


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