How to Find Free Node.js Hosting?

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  • September 5, 2019
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Where to find free node.js hosting

In the event that you are a business owner who wants to build a solid web presence on the internet then you must understand the importance of having good applications in place. One of the best platforms for building such applications is the Node.js platform which is based on Javascripts. It is best for building good scalable applications. Once you have understood how you can install Node.js in your system, you will have to focus on getting a hosting service which can accommodate Node hosting. This article will help you find some of the best free Node hosting services on the internet.

In the beginning when you are just starting, you will probably do well by using the free node hosting services. In fact, if a free hosting service is good then everyone will like to use it. But after a period of time as your business website and application starts developing and growing you will see that having free plans are not doing enough. But you can always upgrade to get better services. You will find plenty of cheap hosts also.

Benefits of Node.js hosting

There are a lot of advantages which you can get from Node.js hosting services, especially if you are using Javascript for developing your applications. The free services which you get will not be sacrificing the quality or nature of the applications. These hosting services also provide you with an affordable and efficient high powered business server host with specific plans which can help in facilitating your Node hosting. Some of the best Node hosting platforms have the following qualities:

1. Qualities to look for: You will be getting a minimum price of $0.01 in the first month for using this service. After that you will need to pay a fee of six dollars per month. There is no contract involved or price changes. You will get the latest versions of Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL and Ruby. Users with Linux and Windows will get options for 7 operating systems also. You will get total root access too. These Servers provide a brilliant datacenter and is efficient in configuring, provisioning and categorizing the virtual servers and provide the customers with immense flexibility which you cannot find in any other web hosting service provider. They will also not have any contract system and gives you a monthly payment scheme. It is quite fast and also immensely reliable. The customer care services are also quite efficient.
2. Manage for you the virtual servers that are available for Linux and Windows.
3. Provide cloud hosting facilities.
4. Provide automatic backups every night.

You can find free services for Node hosting on the internet easily. The qualities mentioned above would be the things that you would need to look for from your service provider.


Node.js hosting is quite popular because it is fast and effective. It will reduce downtime and increase the efficiency of apps based on JavaScript.


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