How to Obtain the Google Analytics Certificate

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  • September 30, 2019
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How to Obtain the Google Analytics Certificate

When you create your first website or blog, you soon realize that you have to integrate it with Google Analytics to be able to measure what is happening and thus improve. You quickly find videos and articles that explain how you should do it, something that is particularly simple if your website is made in WordPress.

Once Google Analytics is installed, you have a lot of graphs, dimensions and metrics available that you can analyze and can be useful to improve your website. In fact, the most common is to see yourself totally overwhelmed with the amount of information that you are supposed to analyze. And if your time is limited, it is even a bit demoralizing.

Did you think that the work would be over after creating your website?

Within the strategy of your startup or company, you will surely have established your objectives, the actions to achieve them and those metrics or KPIs that will indicate your compliance . And if your business is digital, your marketing plan includes the objectives of optimizing SEO and conversion on your website , right?

When you search for information about Google Analytics, you get a little lost with the amount of articles and videos you find. And also, considering that the subject is still quite thick, it is easy to fall into procrastination .

To be assured that the fundamentals of Google Analytics were clear enough, I decided to get the Google Analytics certificate, officially called in English Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ). To do this, I needed three and a half mornings. I tell you below how I did it.

1. Understand what it is

The first thing I did is “lose” a half hour looking for articles that will explain to me what the exam was. This information is very easy to find:
• 70 test questions.
• 90 minutes long,
• 80% score to pass (56 correct questions).

The questions will appear one at a time, you have to give your answer before moving on to the next one and you cannot go back.

When you finish the exam you will know the percentage of correct answers, but not which ones are correct.

If you suspend the evaluation or leave it unfinished (you close the browser or the computer shuts down) you must wait 24 hours to repeat it, with no call limit. The order in which the questions and answers are displayed varies between calls.

Once you pass the evaluation, the certificate will remain valid for 12 months (I suppose that the period must have been 18 months before that is the information you can read on many websites), so to keep it you must return to take the exam.

And an example question is:

Which of the following options does Google Analytics use to differentiate new users from recurring users?

• A browser cookie and a unique identifier assigned sequentially
• Facial recognition technology
• A browser cookie and a unique identifier randomly assigned
• Artificial intelligence

2. How to prepare

Below I looked for information on how to prepare for the exam. You will find online and offline courses that will surely be very good, especially if your goal, in addition to obtaining the certificate, is that you want to dedicate yourself professionally to web analytics.

In my case, with Google Analytics I already had some previous experience having previously been fighting with it. Therefore, I was just looking to make sure that I was clear about the fundamentals and, already put (and if I did not suppose excessive effort) to have the certification.

So I decided not to complicate my life and just followed the instructions given to me by Google Analytics Academy to prepare for the exam. Keep in mind that they are free courses.

On the previous page you will find 4 (if you are viewing the page in Spanish) or 6 (if you see it in English) free courses.

Free Google Analytics Academy courses with Spanish subtitles.

And as I said, to prepare for the exam what Google Analytics recommends is that you take your two free courses:

3. Review before the exam

After taking both courses, I was not sure if I could take the exam or I had to be practicing exams. According to Google you are already prepared to take the exam but following the recommendation of a person who already had the certificate, I dedicated myself to watching 3 different videos on YouTube from different people taking the Google Individual Qualification Exam.

This amounts to doing an exam essay. The advantage of the video is that if you want, after each question, you can stop the video, think about the answer and see if you have succeeded.

One of the example test videos you’ll find on YouTube.

After watching those videos, you see clearly that a very high percentage of the questions are repeated between exams, and I assure you that after the third video you already know the answers by heart. In fact, if you are a person who has been using Google Analytics for some time and you don’t need to take the courses, possibly watching a few videos of the exam you have enough.

4. Perform the exam

And then, then nothing, just go to take the exam. The time they give 90 minutes, if you have seen the YouTube videos that I mentioned before, is much higher than what you need. The exam is how it looks in the videos and does not come with surprises or additional traps. So you can do it quietly and you have plenty of time.


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