How to Organize a Workplace at Home According to You

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  • September 22, 2019
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How to Organize a Workplace at Home According to You

If you work from home, you know how difficult it is to tune into a working mood. In this article, Vera Chaldey, the designer of logical interior and the creator of the DOMA interior studio , told how to equip her workplace in the apartment according to the rules of ergonomics. These recommendations will help you not only choose the right furniture, but also organize your work and increase your personal effectiveness.

Ergonomics of the workplace and its two components

Ergonomics is a scientific discipline that studies the compatibility of a person and his work environment in order to increase labor productivity. The task of ergonomics is to help you organize the work process and increase your efficiency. The essence of ergonomics can be reduced to the concepts of convenience, comfort and safety.

Just want to clarify something: you do not need to organize a workplace just for the sake of the fact of its availability. You can do a great job with your laptop, moving from the sofa to the balcony, from there to the kitchen table, and then to a chair by the window. If you are so comfortable, then perhaps you do not need to change anything.

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But if your efficiency suffers, try following my advice on arranging a workplace at home.

Two components when organizing a workplace at home:

  1. Psychological

A workplace is not just a table with a chair. It is necessary to equip it so that the consciousness can quickly switch to work.

I know a lot of people who left the office for freelance. Often they lamented that at first their productivity fell dramatically, they gave out a tenth of what they expected from themselves. Entrepreneurs doing business from home may also face the same thing: you can’t put yourself together, you walk around the apartment with a laptop and a cup of coffee in search of a comfortable place. Or you just can’t make yourself sit down at work. I myself know this.

Of course, you can postpone the work for various reasons, but some of them lie in the field of ergonomics:

  • First, being at home, you don’t understand: I have already come to my work or not. You woke up, had breakfast, performed morning rituals, and now it’s time to join your project, but there is no switch from the “home” mode to the “work” mode, since the scenery around has not changed.
  • Secondly, if you do not have a clearly defined place to work , then probably all your papers and work materials are constantly moving around the house. And you can spend a lot of time to clean or move them to a new place every time. Agree that sometimes you want to leave a notepad or file open in the right place, materials to work laid out in a certain order, to come tomorrow and start from the point where you finished yesterday.
  1. Technical
  • You need to choose furniture for which it will be convenient and safe for health to work.
  • And correctly arrange this furniture, organizing the workplace at home.

Why is the door so important

In my opinion, the key to success at home is the ability to go somewhere to work within the boundaries of your apartment or your home. Those who worked in the office know very well how in the morning you habitually dress, paint and go out the door, and this already includes setting up for the work process. From here, the house can only be perceived as a place for life and relaxation, and work remains outside its doors.

Someone solves this problem, going with a laptop to a cafe or co working, and this is a great alternative. But such institutions are not always at hand. Therefore, it is so important to organize at home the opportunity to “go to work.”

The main factor for this is that the room in which you work has a door. Someone was lucky to have a separate office. But even if you don’t have one, then go to work in that room where you can close the door. Even if you live alone. When there is a family, it is critically important. Otherwise, it will not be work, but the endless “mother, serve, bring, see” and so on. Moreover, even the nanny does not always save.

I’m from luck, I have an office. I always lock the door when I work, even if no one bothers.

Next, we consider two situations: when the office is and when it is not.

How to equip an office at home

There are certain rules on how to make an office convenient for yourself and use it in the best way.

  1. Set up the desktop correctly

How wrong: put the table in front of the window, with your back to the door. Such an arrangement of furniture is common, because it has logic: it is nice to look out the window, looking up from the computer. But for psychological comfort this is not the best option, since you do not see the entrance to the room.

Sitting with our backs to the door, we involuntarily feel the danger, because from the point of view of the reactions of the brain we are still the same cavemen – we are expecting the attack of a saber-toothed tiger from the bushes. And the emptiness behind him creates tension, anxiety, even if there is nobody at home but you. Subconsciously expecting danger from behind, we are in good shape, ready to “beat or run”. And to maintain this tone are mental resources that would otherwise go to fruitful work.

That’s right: the ideal arrangement of the table is to sit sideways to the door, sideways to the window and back against the wall. So you will see the entrance to the room and feel safe. Sitting with your back to the window is not very convenient – sunlight will give glare on the computer screen.

The light from the window should fall under the writing hand: if you are right-handed, then natural light should be on the left, if you are left-handed, then the window should be on the right. This rule works even when most of the work is done with the mouse and keyboard. But if you can’t completely place the table in this way, try to at least arrange it so that you can see the door.

The optimal distance from the table to the wall behind your back is 80 centimeters. So you will not be sitting closely, as well as sitting comfortably or leaving the table. If bookshelves are hanging on the wall, then the distance should be further increased to their depth – this is 25-30 centimeters, that is, you should put a table from the wall no less than a meter.

  1. Create a nice accent on the wall where your gaze will fall

You should be pleased to look at the wall opposite you when you look up from the monitor. Here are some ideas I can offer you for this.

  • You can make this wall an accent in the room – paint it in your favorite color or paste over with amazing wallpapers. This will create the feeling of a special zone that will tune in to positive emotions.
  • Hang there your favorite picture, photo or cool calendar.
  • Put an aquarium with fish.
  • Place your wish card there.
  • Arrange a bed for the cat to watch cat trolleys, smile more often and thereby give the brain the necessary relief.
  • Make a “board of honor” – put up and hang cups, medals, photos, books, gifts and other evidence of success.

This wall is designed just for such things – giving a feeling of strength, harmony, inspiration. So think about what inspires you.

Furniture selection

When equipping an office, it is important not only to correctly arrange the interior items, but also to choose the right furniture. Not only your convenience, but also health and effectiveness depend on it. So, choosing the height of the table or chair incorrectly, you will feel discomfort, from which you will spend more energy and get tired faster. If the table is too low or the chair rises too high above the countertop, you will stoop. If the countertop is too high or the chair is too low, you will lift up your head and strain your neck muscles.


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