How to Perform an Effective Broken Link Building without the Hustle
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How to Perform an Effective Broken Link Building

What actually is broken link building?

Broken Link Building is the practice of building backlinks by the replacing the links which have 404 pages to the links that are working with a targeted website. In this strategy you search for the dead links on some targeted website, write content on the same topic and offer the your content to some website owner.

Broken Link Building The Digital Cyborg

Strategies for Broken Link Building

  1. Understanding the need for broken link building: There are many strategies for broken link building. This is important because if a website armies some broken links, this might lead to the unpleasant user experience. Therefore, nobody denies your reason of placing some broken links in the website. This strategy is the best for getting a head start for link building. The basic steps to follow here are:
  2. Write an engaging post
  3. Contact the website owner and refer the broken link that you want to repair or do guest blogging.
  • Get him to like your content
  1. Searching for Broken Links: Finding broken links and following the above mentioned strategies might seem an easy task, but it is not. You must keep this in mind that it is not sure that the broken links can be found very easily and your pitch into the highly ranked websites would be accepted easily.

But our main question here is to find the broken link building opportunities without any hustle. For this you would have to find the SEO websites that would help you to find these opportunities. The steps that must be taken care of here are writing an engaging content, getting in touch with the website owners and discussing the opportunity to replace these links.

Broken Link Building

  1. Getting the Opportunities: Finding broken links are one thing, finding the opportunity to scrap these links and replacing them with the working ones are another challenge. The first thing that you should do is that you should find the niche-related resource pages. One trick to use this to use the few phrase combination. You can use these phrase combinations for finding the best of the broken links and them scrapping them.
  2. Sending Broken Link Building Pitch: It is important that the broken links should be sent to the right people at the right time, and this is one of the most important steps for building the broken links. The three main things in this are:
  3. The pitch should be sent to the people that are related to that respective niche.
  4. Minding the template of the email that is being sent to the website owner should also be taken care of.
  • The last thing is to keep a follow up of the website owners and your email.
  1. To End the Link Building process: At the end, you can use the guest blogging SEO techniques. You can use the search operators such as “write for us”, but this is comparatively a time-consuming process. The last thing that you should keep in the mind is that you should engage your audience for making the website run well.


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