How to SEO Work in 2019 and Its Importance

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  • September 17, 2019
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How to SEO Work in 2019

Search engine optimization was considered effective by 85% of marketers (versus 79% in 2018). And as the main reason for low SEO costs, 61% of respondents cited a lack of marketing budgets.

70% of marketers confidently stated that the effect of search engine optimization for a business is measurable.

They were asked: “How easy is it for you to adapt to changing search algorithms?”

The answers were distributed as follows:

  • 41% – “not easy”;
  • 10% – “difficult”;
  • 35% – “easy”;
  • 12% – “very easy.”

The authors of the survey found out: “Are your competitors targeting the keywords used by your company or customers?” 52% of marketers answered “yes”, 28% “no”, the rest said they were “not sure”.

What is Really Effective in SEO Today?

The entire ranking of SEO tools that work well in 2019 looks like this (percentages are not summed up, a few points could be mentioned to respondents):

It’s funny that 1% of marketers thought that no SEO tools were effective at all. But in general, the long-known formula “Content is king”, proposed back in 1996 by Bill Gates in the essay of the same name, is confirmed. Recall, then the founder of Microsoft wrote:

Years passed, search engines became smarter, content marketing worked to its fullest , and Gates’ words came true triumphantly.

Curious what world leading marketers think about SEO goals in 2019. When asked what they are trying to achieve with their efforts, most of the answers were distributed as follows:

  • 40% – “traffic”;
  • 31% – “conversions / sales”;
  • 12% – “high ranking in search engines”;
  • 9% – “brand recognition”;
  • 4% – “revenue”.

The authors of the survey from The Digital Cyborg note that the importance of the goal of achieving good traffic in the responses of specialists has doubled compared to 2018. And the importance of conversions as the goal of SEO has lost 6% (last year in this capacity, conversion was called the main 37% of marketers).

The importance of revenue or return on investment in SEO decreased by 4 times over the year. The Digital Cyborg reports that this points to a problem in measuring the direct relationship between SEO and sales.

Voice search was not ignored, although this technology is still young. Marketers were asked:

“Does voice search give you tangible results?”

The answers looked like this:

  • 10% – yes;
  • 19% – “no”;
  • 29% – “I do not know”;
  • 42% – “Too early to discuss it.”

In concluding the report on the results of the survey, its authors again turn to the topic of “meaningful SEO”. And they say:

 “Content is still appreciated, and we hope that next year more marketers will test and learn new formats for good content.”


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