If you win you win Sure It’s Just a Matter of Time

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  • September 15, 2019
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If you win you win Sure It’s Just a Matter of Time

I have always liked to play to believe that two words that are written and / or pronounced the same can have a direct relationship, very close to each other, even if they do not have the same meaning in the dictionary. Something like that one word can become a consequence of the other. A romantic vision of language, mine, that would be giving us clues about how a given situation could evolve, simply by analyzing the words we use in our conversations.

As if the words we use were to predict the final result. This that is part of the study of other disciplines and that for me is a personal diversion, takes a more relevant dimension when it comes to two words that are part of the title of this article. Two words that, despite not having an apparent relationship beyond their status as homonyms, are closely related and, in most cases, the one ends up being a consequence of the other:

If you feel like it, you are sure!

According to my way of understanding professional performance, it is only a matter of time that a person who puts all his desire to achieve some goal, ends up achieving it and, therefore, winning.

In a world as competitive as today. Packed with highly trained professionals, with extensive professional experience, with diplomas from the best business schools, capable of communicating in several languages … the differential lies in intangibles! Aspects that are not certified by any expert body in the field and that can only be demonstrated through interaction with other people, day by day and making visible our way of dealing with each situation, each project.

“Entrepreneur, creative, passionate about the projects in which I participate and convinced that the desire moves the world .”

This is how my professional excerpt begins on my personal LinkedIn page and that is … I am sure that the desire moves the world! Without desire, without motivation, without the conviction of wanting to carry out any action, a given project, there would be no progress in any field. The people who are the engine of change and evolution, those who present transgressive and advanced projects and solutions while living, have had to put their desire, motivations and conviction before the voices that invited them (they almost demanded) to abandon the persecution of that idea that, as novel and disruptive, was not going to work in the minds of some “visionaries.”

Well, at this point, what will mark a before and after, which makes an idea end up materializing or overlapping in the bottom of a drawer of good intentions that just vanished, are the desire. We want to show that we are right, a conviction that goes beyond what the people around us can tell us.

“What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customers and have a burning desire to succeed».

And there, from the hand of Arun kumar , founder of The Digital Cyborg , in India, we feel like the final ingredient for personal and professional success. There is no better one. Of course, a recipe is not formed by a single ingredient. In the best recipe, the main ingredient is accompanied by others that, in perfect harmony, give a unique character to the dish we are making.

By this rule of three, only with the desire we could not achieve the objectives that we have set. Like Thomas, I think there are other aspects that we must consider. The first, very important to me, is to have a plan , a clear focus that guides our path to success. A plan that draws the master lines and that helps us to pursue our objectives, in a consistent way, through three simple questions:

• THAN? What does our idea consist of and what needs does it cover / create?
• HOW? How are we going to achieve it? That is, what are the means we have? What resources do we need?
• WHEN? What are the key dates in our project?

What we have simplified to the minimum expression may contain the most detailed and valuable detail to achieve what we have proposed. But … is having a plan synonymous with success? Unfortunately not! The yellow tile road that is being built, in front of us, when we put black on white everything we consider important to obtain a passport to success, is that it is not definitive. And this is where another of the important ingredients in our recipe for success comes into play. I will present it with a phrase from Winston Churchill that amazes me:

“Success is not definitive, failure is not fatal: what really counts is the courage to continue.”

You achieve or not achieve the success for which you have prepared so much, there is something more important if all the above is possible: have the ability to try again , in case you have not achieved your goals, and have the ability to continue , In case you have succeeded with your ideas. In both cases, it is not easy to follow.

Failure is a powerful brake in the pursuit of our aspirations but so can success. Because when we have achieved what we had set out, it is normal for us to enter a phase of relaxation.


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