Improve your Content Strategy in 2019 with 11 Simple Steps

Improve your Content Strategy in 2019 with 11 Simple Steps

How to start the content strategy in 2019

Currently we are not talking about quantity but quality. The amount is no longer an important factor if your goal is to convert visitors into customers. When I talk about these elements, I refer to two specific things:

1. The quantity of articles published vs. the quality in each of them.
2. The amount of traffic produced by the blog vs. the quality of the target that visits it.

I explain it in detail:

 content strategyPublishing an article daily per week totals a total of 20 per month, a figure considered to appear in search engines.

However, when the quality of each article is low, it will take time for the first search page or it may never arrive. But, in case of having a lot of traffic and being able to position in the first positions, the time will be ephemeral.

Although my explanation sounds a bit paradoxical, since you could ask yourself: how can a low quality article get traffic? You can achieve it as long as you promote your articles through social networks on accounts with a large block of followers.

Then, when this traffic exists and users enter an article that lacks content, which does not handle a good structure and writing, the stay on the page lasts less than 15 seconds .

In other words, the bounce rate shoots up quickly, a factor that influences the rating that Google weights to position you in the top positions.

In this way the quality takes relevance and leaves the quantity in the background.

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On the other hand, there is the amount of traffic that a blog can generate and if this amount brings conversions, that is, traffic quality is evaluated.

Traffic quality is essential if you want to generate revenue. Turning visitors into customers is the main objective of a content strategy.

For this to be really good, you must hit the specific target, producing an affective language in each publication, according to the behavior and characteristics of the ideal consumer.

To overcome the objectives start by:

Evaluate the current strategy

Evaluate content strategyEvaluation is essential to cement the new bases of the strategy. Therefore, it analyzes the situation of the brand in a cold way and assesses the following parameters:

• Percentage of organic traffic.
• Items with more traffic.
• Keywords that have positioned you.
• Number of subscribers
• Articles or pages where more subscribers come from.
• Pages with higher and lower bounce rate.
• Publication schedule

In case you have other parameters that you want to include, according to the tactics executed, then you must evaluate them too.

Clarify your panorama in a SMART way

The first thing you should do is build your goals. To do it in a professional manner, you can start using the SMART method.

S: Specific: Specific
M: Measurable: Measurable
A: Achievable: Achievable
R: Realistic: Realistic
T: Time-Bound: Limited time.

In this way, you will be able to establish reliable objectives that you can execute without obstacles in time.

Specify your goals

Specify your goalsThe goal to the general objective is not the same, for this reason you must differentiate each one in order to reach the goals with exact numbers. They will help you to know the road traveled and if you go the right way.

I illustrate it as follows:

Objective: Get more subscribers to the database

Target: 350 subscribers per month.

Reach your audience

To truly reach your audience implies knowing it very well, therefore, to achieve this feat you need to know its geographical location, age, topics of interest, schedule that frequents in the networks, what are the networks where it can find you.

Choose a strategy

Plan and direct actions that can contribute to achieving the goals and objectives. If the process is done well, you will approach the desired target and the opportunities will expand.

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A very common strategy, within content marketing, is to get more traffic to the blog by telling success stories, reporting current issues and publishing study data, with the intention of providing a digital solution to the problems of any industry.

Select the best content format

Research how your audience wants to consume the content and, when you have the information, then you can choose the best tactics to spread it. These might be:

• Articles
• Ebook´s
• Newsletters
• Guides
• Post
• Webinars
• Podcast
• Infographics
• Interviews
• Videos

Produces topics of interest to the target audience

To know what are the topics of interest you should investigate blogs, podcasts or channels of the competition, entering the pages or consulting their list of episodes.

There you will find the comments and you will know what theme has caused a furor and acceptance with the likes within the community. This way you will find the ones that impact your audience.

You can also find the topics by searching in trending topic.

Locate your keyword

After finding the topic you should look for the keyword that will position your content on platforms and search engines.

To do this you must use platforms that will help the search. You can use free or paid platforms. Although both are good, with the payments you will have the advantage of deepening the inquiry.

Also, some free platforms that you can use are: Answer the public , Keywordtool and KWfinder . However, if you want to use a paid platform, Ahrefs is one of the best known in the market.

Additionally, you will have the option to investigate the keyword with an old school trick.

When you start browsing on search engines such as Google or YouTube, you can start typing the word and automatically the search engine will give you options by completing the sentence or question.

That way, you will get the most used words to search for that topic. In a similar way it happens with e-commerce search engines like Amazon.

Create an amazing post

Create an amazing postWhen you publish content on the internet, you should know that the competition is scorching, so much so that there are more than 2.49 million daily publications in the world.

For this reason, it will be necessary to create creative posts that manifest the solution to the problem of your target audience and that can use it immediately. Also, if you can do it by telling a success story, this will be useful for the reader to feel identified.

On the other hand, you can not forget the content format, typography and images should look good for the user to finish reading and share the content on social networks.

Promote the content

Choose the media according to the content format you have planned and publish at the ideal time on different platforms such as: Blog, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Pinterest, among others.

You can also promote the content with customers who are already loyal to your brand, these are the ones that have already subscribed to your database and are eager to receive your content.

Evaluate your strategy

How to know if your content strategy worked? Easy, measuring the results.

Metrics are key to knowing the objectives that have been achieved. To achieve the results you must have patience and it may take months to get them, if you don’t believe me ask Brian Dean, he took 6 months to get traffic to his website.

I recommend you evaluate the strategy once a week.


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