New Skills: Spend the Winter to Good Use

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  • September 22, 2019
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Spend the Winter to Good Use

In winter, we spend more time at home. This time can be used to learn something new.

Cool shoot on mobile

All of us in social networks see photos taken on a smartphone, but which look like they were shot with professional photo equipment. If you want to learn how to shoot as well – see the master class of photographer Timur Shaikhutdinov “Smartphone”.

You will learn how to photograph food, people, take pictures, take photos from a height, work with shadows, shoot female and male portraits (yes, they differ), take photos at night, which is especially useful during the New Year holidays, when illuminations are lit in the evenings and cities become so beautiful … Personally, I was always sad that I can’t convey the beauty of New Year’s Moscow in the photograph.

If you do not succeed, you get tired quickly and still do not achieve the desired goals – it’s time to change the situation and start the new 2019 year fully armed. In just 10 days of passing the game “#I am changing the time” from the entrepreneur Galia Berdnikova you:

Boost your efficiency

  • identify truly important tasks;
  • “Clear” your life from unnecessary;
  • free up time;
  • fill it with what will lead you to the result;
  • learn to re-create your schedule;
  • become freer and happier;
  • change everything that now in your life you do not like or does not lead to a result, for Time, Calmness and personal Efficiency.

Unfreeze your potential

If you want to be included in your life, once again feel the taste for your business / work, regain your sense of enthusiasm and inspiration and get rid of anxiety and depression, a workshop by Evgenia Maltseva will help you.

Form a new environment

Only the lazy did not say that useful contacts are an extremely important and effective tool for business development. But this is true. The right connections will help to make sure that your project is written in cool media, that you are noticed and invited to work for your dream company, get the necessary contacts from suppliers, a discount on some purchase, an invitation to an important industry event for you, etc. . In addition, interesting people around, communication with them is a powerful impetus to moving up.

In the workshop “Networking for all”, a personal brand and networking coach Maria Azarenok tells how to make acquaintances and build mutually beneficial relationships.

Love sports

If you can’t start playing sports in any way: there’s no time, cool sneakers, ideal conditions and don’t even motivate the money spent on a gym membership, the “How to love to play sports or where the motivation button is for” workshop is for you. Body and behavioral psychologist, functional movement trainer Polina Maksimova will help make friends with sports.

Cook desserts

When not in winter to do it. On the platform, we gathered several workshops from pastry chef Maria Petrova: American and chocolate cookies, hazelnut sabers, tarts, pasta, recipes for chocolate and cream fillings, 13 types of biscuits and much more. You will definitely find something to please yourself and your family on cold winter days. For the New Year holidays, again useful.

Find motivation for losing weight

And this is what will come in handy after the New Year holidays. 😉 Tatyana Rybakova, a specialist in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, the author of educational projects and the book “How I Lost 55 kg,” shares her experience. In fact, this course is not only about how to lose weight, but also about the relationship with your body and health. If you can’t solve this problem in any way, I highly recommend watching the workshop “How to Find Motivation for Health and Weight Loss”.

Learn to learn

You can read dozens of books every month, take various courses and master classes, watch webinars, but the information will not be absorbed. Pavel Palagin, an expert on speed reading and processing information flows, recorded a master class “How to learn effectively” for our platform.


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