Privacy Policy

  1. Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is incorporated with the Terms and Conditions and applies to all the users of the website.

The privacy policy can be modified at any point of time. Prior notice will be given to the users regarding the alteration and application of the new version of the policy.

The users accept that they will be informed about the modification or change to the Privacy policy once it has been published.

  1. Collecting User Information

The user accepts that the website may gather information about the users while registering with the website. This will need name, surname, and email, especially of the users who write for the website. The data will completely be kept confidential.

The information such as the credit card numbers, or bank accounts etc. is not stored by the website. The said information is compiled by other payment gateways provided by other companies, in accordance with what is mentioned in the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Cookies

The Digital Cyborg doesn’t use any cookies. We are ready to welcome advertisements including ads, text ads, or video ads. If you have any queries related to this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

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