Role of SEO In Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

Role of SEO In Digital Marketing

Internet is readily accessible by masses these days. Once a luxury reserved for exclusive is now a necessity owned by many. This revolution has invited businesses to expand and reach to various geographies across the globe. With a strong commercial advantage, the scope is endless.

But every business or startups that come to life need to market themselves. One such necessary part of marketing strategy is digital marketing. With everything available online, certain digital channels for business promotion have come up. Marketing through these digital channels or popular social mediums is called as digital marketing.

But one needs to get trained to know the core of this technology and develop effective strategies and advertising plans. As we know that one should not expect overnight results as it demands time and patience. Many budding institutes have come up in the country that imparts these courses. Digital Marketing Course has several elements in its design such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Search Engine Marketing, Inbound Marketing to name a few.

Every business is started with keeping customer engagement, profits and sales in mind. Well there is more to add to it.

Is your Business Visible?

Well this visibility is quite required. We are talking about search results on Google search engines result pages. A fact not to ignore is that 95% web traffic restricts itself to first three results on search engine result pages. Here comes the role of SEO expert. They optimize the results in their favour through strong presence and marketing strategies. Now when the result is among the first three to be displayed in front of a user, one is likely to get desired attention.

Talking about the course contents, another module is Social Media Marketing. The social media is medium that may make you viral and overnight success knocks your door. One of the best pals of viral posts and videos, social media spreads good and bad about a product in flash of seconds. Therefore from rags to riches and vice versa story comes true.

There can be many ways to draw user traffic and consumer attention, one such is SEM or Search Engine Marketing. When Google last updated its policies and ad format, we can see three ads on top of the search engine result page. If a user clicks on these ads then only the advertiser has to pay.

Well talking about opportunities and not mentioning Affiliate Marketing would be injustice to this growing field.

So if someone gets a commission without investing much and by the sale of some other person’s product, it sounds good. This is what actual affiliate marketing is and people who do this business are called as affiliates.

Since the above piece of content highlights the prominent course modules of digital marketing, let us throw some light on scope of this industry.

Many organizations have come forward making the best use of this way of marketing other than traditional marketing. They allocate high budgets for it.

One of the basic requisite is creation of unique content. A survey says that blog traffic could be increased by 2000% if the content written is appealing. The worlds most used search engine is not behind any. Google is responsible for 96% search traffic through smartphones and 94% of total organic traffic. Talking more about the facts, having a video thumbnail can double to traffic.

There are various facts and reasons to choose digital marketing as career option. One must carefully select the training program keeping in mind the experience of faculty and design of course. The course should have all modules that were talked about in its curriculum. Industry experience of faculty is instrumental in teaching. There are various classroom trainings and webinars or online trainings available. So carefully select the training provider and reap the benefits in best possible way.


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