What is Life-Long Learning?

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  • September 22, 2019
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What is Life-Long Learning?

How to be the smartest, most sought after and successful

Someone thinks that success is a matter of connections or chance. However, this position is not shared by many entrepreneurs who achieve the desired quality of life on their own.

In particular, those who keep pace with the times were able to climb the top of the career and entrepreneurial ladders. Those who are interested in new ones pump their skills and are not afraid to turn to coaches and coaches for help. That is, those who are constantly in development.

If you do not believe me, open any success story of a business woman who appeared on the The Digital Cyborg. Or scroll to the end of this article. But this is not only about business, but about any people who have become sought-after professionals in their field.

Such an approach as theirs is called “Life-long learning”.

What is life-long learning

Life-long learning” – “lifelong learning”, or “continuing education”. This concept arose in the 1960s in Europe and has since been present in the educational reforms of many countries

If earlier the approach was rather just the requirement of the employer for the employee to upgrade their qualifications, now it is already about the desire of the people themselves to get more knowledge and skills, to improve in professional and personal terms. This is influenced by both the progress of science and technology, and changes in the social sphere.

What is this all for?

  • Be competitive in the labor market. Improve your professionalism, update skills, learn trends.
  • Have the ability to find custom solutions for the job. To draw ideas from other areas, mix and create something new.
  • To be a more erudite person, with whom it is pleasant to communicate. Pump up your psychological problems.
  • Have an interesting hobby – learning dilutes the routine, allows you to communicate with a new environment.

As a result: people who are always up to date with updates in their niche and who are versed in several other areas have an advantage over others. That is why it is so important not to stop in education.

Life-long learning entrepreneurs

Eva Katz

Learning is important in order to receive “oxygen”. Most often, our brain works creatively and in a new way when we give it fresh ideas and slides. For example, Steve Jobs took ideas from other areas and transferred them to digital. If you constantly receive oxygen from different sources, you will become stronger than your competitors and you will not stick to the same thing with your “blurred eye”.

In addition, when the brain receives fundamentally new information, it has to develop neural networks. It has been scientifically proven that they are also created in adults, though not in such a volume as in children. Now The Digital Cyborg is become the fastest Guest Blogging site. It pumps the brain like a muscle and develops it. If you are constantly in good shape, over time, mental abilities also expand, memory, speed of thinking, and creative abilities improve. For business, this is extremely important. Especially nowadays, in a high-speed world, where amid high competition, you need to constantly give out fresh ideas. Creative thinking, fast brain and ideas from new sources are the three pillars on which innovative and strongest projects are built.

Daria Gayler

Without new knowledge, there is no movement and change. If the brain does not learn new things, then there will be no discoveries. A person just drives along the old rails every day and if some kind of non-standard situation happens, he will be lost, in a panic and even thrown to the sidelines of life. If a person of one profession is to be dismissed, he will be lost, and if he studies all his life, reads science, learns new professions, improves himself and constantly doubts his knowledge, searches and digs more and more deeply, there is a great chance to live life brightly, with inspiration, interesting and with a grandiose amount of discoveries, both personal and socially useful.

Katerina Lengold

We live in a world that is changing much faster than ever. And the knowledge that we received several years ago is losing its relevance. If we do not continue our education, then we lose our relevance along with this knowledge. For me personally, the process of education is like breathing. Stop breathing, stop living. You stop receiving knowledge from other people, from books, courses, experience, real actions, you cease to feel that you are living. Therefore, the question for me to study or not is not even worth it. Of course yes!

Elena Rezanova

Let’s imagine that you are making cast iron irons. And mankind has already come up with electricity, have already carried out all kinds of wires and sockets, and you produce cast-iron irons. Because you know how to do it very cool. Question. Do I need to learn, develop constantly and why? Because adaptability is the most important quality that today will allow us to be sustainable. By sustainability, I mean, first of all, demand. And the demand is when it doesn’t matter whether you work in hiring or work for yourself, what is the name of your project … It’s all not important. What matters is what you are.

If you are something very cool, then believe me, you will simply react to the possibilities. Opportunities will catch up with you. And if you produce cast iron irons, while the whole world is already ironing electric, well then you will have to be very offended by the lack of opportunities on your horizon.

Anna Frents

Have you ever wondered how fast the world is changing now?

We found the first mobile sized brick. Yes, with them, even hunting mammoths was not scared to go !!! And now our phones do not fly into space.

Do you remember your first computer? I had a huge monitor on my desk that made a cool creaky sound when I turned it. And the system unit under the table sometimes buzzed so that it would be desirable to close the window so that it would not accidentally fly out into the wild. And now my MacBook is lighter than my favorite note pad.

The first rudiments of the Internet appeared in 1962. Yes, my parents are older! And what now? Google knows everything!

Do you know what will happen in five years? Do you have guarantees that tomorrow you will not end up in England or somewhere else? Or your career growth does not rest against the lead door of ignorance of English?

Borders are erased, new opportunities are born at such a speed that only keep up. And the content of the good old Internet is still 70% in English! Maybe it’s time to still keep up with the new world?

The main thing is not to learn while, but to LEARN during! Unless, of course, you want to keep up with the rapidly changing world and not rust ahead of time!


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