Which Is a Better Funding Mechanism : Debt or Equity

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  • August 29, 2019
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Which Is a Better Funding Mechanism Debt or Equity

A business without a funding option will fail under the weight of its own debt. Funding is fuel on which a business run. A business can take different options to get funding, and more than one source can be used. The chosen funding option depends on the business’s current debt situation, how capable business owners are currently, and the amount of money required.

If your organization need fund to start or grow, you have two options: Debt or Equity. There are other options like unsecured loans with bad credit but that depends on your choice.

In order to finance an organization, the main agenda is to obtain the required money to fulfil the obligations before the fund is needed. In different words, it is thought to be able to pay for the required things like equipment, the salary of employees, etc.

Funding Through Equity

Financing through equity gives rewards to those who put their valuable money in your company and therefore get a part of your organization. Hence, equity seems a costly way of raising funds. It also requires giving certain control of your organization in terms of management.

Funding Through Debt

Equity and debt are a different thing but not entirely opposite to each other. In debt financing method, there is an obligation of repayment to those who do not get the advantage of being a shareholder of the company. Debt financing is consistent.

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While a company become stronger and has more records, the relation between debt and equity increases. A good relationship between debt and equity depends on many things, but the asset value: when they can be sold and the amount of money received through those assets, plays an important role.

The owners of an organization must know how to maintain the balance between debt and equity. In the process of an organization’s growth, the amount of debt and equity can increase for various reasons.

  • Debt increases due to various financial need of the company and it can be financing. When a company is choosing a financing option through debt, it is considered as ‘bankable’. Not having debt is not practical. A healthy debt indicates that it can be repaid and increases the profitability of the business.
  • The reason behind rising equity is because the company is growing and making profits. These profits are divided among the owners of the company in the form of dividend or can be stored to increase the equity.

Now, let’s have a look at the asset of a company. It is very unlikely that a company can secure a loan unless it has asset that can be used to get a loan. In this situation, a company can take short term loans with no credit check.

  • A company which has assets with known value such as construction, equipment, or machines, etc is more likely to get debt financing than a company which has assets with undefined and unknown liquidation value. The value of an asset can be built.

As a thump rule, financing through debt is always better than equity. And the reason is:

  • A debt is a cheaper way of getting financing
  • The ownership control of your company will be in your hand

You should use debt financing when you can show that you have a backup plan ready and an income to pay the interest.

Equity way option should be used when you can convince an investor to invest in your company because it is going to be more profitable than any other option and he can also make some decision for the betterment of the company.

In case, you are unable to get financing either through debt or equity, you can use loan option from online lenders for short term respite. There are many lenders in the UK who provide loans for businesses despite bad credit and without any security or guarantor. You can search for them online.

Finally, we can say that a company can explore various option when need fund. A traditional bank loan can be secured by business provided they have a good credit record. Financing through debt and equity is also a viable option. You just need to keep in mind that obtaining fund through it need proper convincing skills and a well-prepared business growth plan.


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