Why do you need a VPN for your Business

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  • September 6, 2019
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Why do you need a VPN for your Business

If you are thinking of starting a start-up or if you are already leading one, you are about to discover one of the best technological resources for your company. Next we will explain the advantages of having a VPN in Spain to connect your equipment and those of your employees or collaborators, both in terms of security and flexibility and economy.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to connect your devices to the internet through external servers through a robust encrypted connection. In this way you can enjoy extraordinary security in all the steps you have to perform on the Internet, in addition to having a whole series of advantages that we will explain.

Encrypted connection

One of the main reasons to hire a VPN is the possibility of having an encrypted connection when surfing the internet. The sophisticated encryption of the best VPNs allows all incoming and outgoing data on your device to be completely inaccessible to third parties, even if you connect from a priori vulnerable networks such as cafeterias or public libraries. Keeping confidential data safe is one of the main needs of any startup, and one of the best ways to do so is to always keep an encrypted connection on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Complete anonymity

The encryption of a VPN has another advantage and is the anonymity it provides when masking the IP from which it is navigated. The pages you visit and the servers you connect to will not detect the origin of your connection, so you can access much more global and relevant information for your searches. In addition, the inability to install tracking cookies through a VPN will allow you to have the security that your browsing data remains at home and is not used by third parties for their own benefit.

Remote access

The security offered by a VPN also allows you to connect remotely with complete peace of mind to the office PC or that of a partner you have to attend. This is especially useful when working with designs, plans and other sensitive content that need complete privacy to ensure your confidentiality on the network. The difference between the success and failure of a startup often goes through its intellectual property and the uniqueness of its projects. It is better to keep this information safe, isn’t it?

Employee Connectivity

In the same way, a VPN allows excellent connectivity of your different employees or collaborators with each other. When you start a startup, you often need the assistance of a remote technical service or accounts with employees who work telematically from different corners of the country or the world. To facilitate their work safely, a connection through VPN will allow them to access their different computers in an encrypted way and with a very wide bandwidth, so that they can perform their tasks with total security and without any delay in the process.

International Contents

Another of the key advantages is the possibility of having access to international content that may be restricted in different countries. The restrictions that China, Vietnam or Tunisia impose to access certain websites are known, for example Facebook, YouTube and other social networks that are essential in Europe or the United States. It also happens that both China and Vietnam and Tunisia are countries that have a large number of factories and companies with which you may have to work in your startup and have to visit at some point. To maintain access to your social networks and not lose work while you are in these countries, a VPN allows you to connect to the internet through its servers in Europe, the United States or Canada and thus stay out of local restrictions.

Economic purchases

In the same way, connecting to the VPN servers located in different countries will also allow you to get better prices when you buy flights and when booking hotels. The airlines and hotel chains make their prices fluctuate based on different algorithms, and one of them is the IP of origin of the buyer. Buying a ticket from the United States is not the same as doing it from Panama or from Cambodia. Do the test. Try to access from three different servers and check the same passage from each one, and you will see the difference. You can also play with the differences in the valuation of the currencies of each country. If your startup requires you to travel frequently, a VPN can save you a lot, a lot of money. Few investments will be more profitable like this.


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