Why you Should use WordPress to set up your Website

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  • September 30, 2019
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Why you should use WordPress to set up your website

Are you going to create a blog? WordPress is the platform for blog creation par excellence. Surely you’ve heard this a hundred times. But the project has evolved a lot since the beginning and now you can create any type of web.

Don’t you use WordPress? Unless you have a clear justification for not doing so (and this makes sense), perhaps you should switch to this platform. The possibilities offered are endless.

Let’s look at the main reasons why you should use WordPress to manage your website.

WordPress is free

WordPress is an open source and free content management system. This means that anyone can access the source code of the application, study it, share it, and even improve it . But these are technicalities that if you are not a developer surely you are not interested either (although they should).

What does affect you directly is the management of information within WordPress. All the data on your website is stored on your web server, surely hosted in your trusted hosting or, why not, in your own home. But the important thing here is that you are the owner of the data and you can do whatever you want with them.

With WordPress, you are the owner of your content.

There are other platforms where you upload the content and once uploaded you lose control of it (or it is very difficult to maintain it). There are many examples of this, but I am thinking above all in the well-known social networks, which better not to say the name (but we all know).

Recently we have cases as popular as Medium , where many users have left the platform to return to other systems (including WordPress) to maintain control of the information and what is done with it.

The freedom of WordPress in this case is clear. Your website is yours, you manage it and decide what you do with the data and other resources that you store on it. And if tomorrow you want to go to another system, you can do it. You’re the owner.

WordPress is easy

Exactly, WordPress is easy. Easy to use, configure and manage. Any user with a minimum of knowledge or with the desire to learn can create their own website full of content, even with a professional result, without having any idea of ​​programming a single line of code.

Even so, it is clear that WordPress has to improve and make its use even easier by users who are not accustomed to working with web technologies. Only then the objective of democratizing the web will be achieved.

In each version of WordPress that happens, it is easier to deal with everything that comes with having a website today.

Steps are already being taken in this regard, and the appearance of the block editor is one of the largest. Although many do not like its appearance or how to use it, it is clear that for users who are not accustomed to using the classic editor, it is a revolution in terms of ease and functionality.

WordPress is popular

In recent years the popularity of WordPress has grown like foam. It is the platform chosen by many famous brands and celebrities for the creation of web pages. Even the people with little technological background behind them sound the word WordPress.

Long ago WordPress was denigrated as a very basic system and only for certain types of web. Nothing is further from reality, because today WordPress is eating the market globally.

The popularity of WordPress is still booming today.

If we keep the numbers, WordPress is used in more than 60% of websites that use a content management system. This represents 34% of all the world’s websites. And this at the time of writing this entry. Statistics continues to grow day by day.

WordPress is safe

One of the biggest headaches that we face all those who manage websites daily is security. Nobody likes to enter your website and see that they have hacked you .

WordPress is developed with flag security , and is considered as one of the safest systems. In addition, as soon as a security fault is detected, work is done tirelessly to solve it in the shortest possible time.

WordPress security comes first. WordPress is safe, no matter how much they tell you otherwise.

There is still the false belief that WordPress is an unsafe system, but the reality is that most of the times when WordPress is hacked the cause is not being updated or using themes or plugins of doubtful origin.

If you stay updated to the latest version of WordPress and follow a series of good management practices (nothing from the other world), you can practically say goodbye to security issues. WordPress is safe and will continue for a long time.

WordPress adapts

WordPress is a content management system that adapts to your needs. If you need to differentiate the contents of your website in WordPress you have the possibility of using custom content types and additional taxonomies.

If your website needs to have a genuine design, you can find it in one of the lots of WordPress themes out there. And if you can’t find it, a designer can create it for you, adapting everything to your specific case.


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